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  1. Hi anyone know if the new bundle "Trilogy" (GRAW, GRAW2, FS) will be released in North America. I'm only seeing Europe. I would definitely buy this bundle. Thanks
  2. Hello JohnTC02 Thanks for the speedy response, and thanks also for the fabulous modding work you have done on GRAW2! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I'm launching graw2 using the BWP bat file provided (as you advise), and that works fine in SP campaigns (I haven't tried MP campaigns though). But when I start a lan server, the BWP mod is not showing up in any of the co-op missions. Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide.
  3. Hi, I've been running BWP v3.02 for quite a while in SP missions and campaigns, and frankly -- I'm addicted. Recently I decided to try some of the TCO co-op missions by running a lan server, however BWP is not available in those missions or any others as far as I can tell. The stock load outs are pretty limiting, especially the complete lack of suppressed primaries and decent sights (the mission design and AI scripting are superb however). I'd really like to use BWP on these missions! Is there some config or installation trick to get BWP on MP I may have missed? Thanks
  4. This is an awesome and very welcome addition to the rather sparse selection of mod campaigns for GRAW2. One funny thing that I've encountered before a few times is the 'unkillable dude'. In mission one of this campaign, I've had a couple of tries at stopping whatshisname from getting away in the helicopter. On one try I spray-painted the inside of the heli with the pilot's brains, using a Glock 18 on FA from about 4-feet. Yet somehow he managed to take off and fly away. I'm assuming this objective can't really be achieved for plot reasons?
  5. I think I found the problem (this is a GR:AW2 bug reported in one of the mission walk-throughs): If you are starting from a quicksave, sometimes the rpgs are respawned 'empty' even though the model appears they are loaded. I was able to fire some last night by avoiding that situation. Unfortunately they take the primary weapon slot (replacing your primary weapon), rather than the ZEUS slot. And they are hella inaccurate against moving helis.
  6. Hi,, A few times in missions I've spotted a loaded rpg 'lying around & picked it up, but I can't figure out how to use it. Is it good for taking out tanks & helicopters? When I aim it at something, it does not respond to left or right mouse clicks, nor does it 'lock on' to the target as do the um... other rocket thingies (can't remember the name off the top of my head). Thanks!
  7. I've been playing this for a couple of weeks now, and it is an awesome mod! It challenges my ~7-yo system a tad but generally is playable (the weapons models in particular may be overly detailed for my ancient system). Anyhoo I'm a bit stuck on the last mission -- I've been through all the buildings, but I can't find the guy we're sposed to rescue. Are we really sposed to find him, or is it a "mission impossible"?
  8. These are simply some of the best GR1 maps ever made. In particular the Pond map. The Armenia missons don't really do justice to the maps, though they are reasonably solid. If you play Mission HX on them, you will appreciate just how excellent -- and tough -- these maps are (I'm sure they'd be great in MP too, just haven't tried them). The foliage is amazing in and of itself. The terrain also provides optimum cover for tangos. It really does take GR1 to a whole new level. Thanks for the outstanding effort!
  9. Yeah, I found setting tree quality to high does help, without too much performance penalty. I have another pc with a 64MB 9550, I will try YOTM in that to see if it can cope. YOTM is an awesome, awesome mod (and I'm only halfway into the first mission). Certain plants are rendered as flat black squares (with green foliage visible), but there aren't so many as to ruin the game. Grasses are rendered such that you can see the horizon and other landscape details (like large boulders) through them, but not other plants. It makes for an eery effect and does give an added level of suspense, because you literally do not know if a vc might be lurking behind the next bush. All other plants and trees are rendered normally, with tree quality on high.
  10. Hi, All the stock GR1 and expansion packs, and most mods display tree and plant foliage correctly, however some mods, including YOTM display them as big, opaque squares. Needless to say, this makes spotting tangos a tad difficult. Is there some graphics setting I've missed (Radeon 7000 @ 32-bit z buffer, 8-bit stencil, DX9c), or are these mods flawed? Thanks!
  11. It'll be interesting to see if GR3 can top GR1+some of the fantastic mods that have come out for it just this year (not to mention the huge library of great legacy mods that have built up over the years). Sure, GR3 graphics will be awesome, but will the gameplay be any better? GR1 is GR Classic (or mebbe original recipe), that plus the modding community will be a tough combo to beat. I hopes the dev's are working very hard...
  12. This is an awesome mod. It makes the game all new, every time. I have played it on a number of maps using different weapons mods... suffice to say it is the most difficult GR mod ever made, and returns the game to its conceptual roots. You really have to operate in stealth mode to have a hope in hell of completing any mission in this mode. You cannot predict where the enemy may be, but you can predict the enemy AI has been juiced to extreme deadliness. Try and survive. Hint: bring SD weapons, and a lot a patience... oh yeah, desist from killing everything in sight. hit and run. and run. maybe you'll get lucky.
  13. You're right, there are some great sd weaps in there, both smg's and sr's (I've discovered in quick mission play). Though not in the campaign (unless available to specialists). I've got through a couple more missions in the campaign. Really excellent stuff.
  14. This is a cool mod, but there seems to be a distinct lack of suppressed weapons, for a campaign that emphasizes stealth to such a degree. Er, at least for the first mission, haven't quite finished that one yet A suppressed sniper rifle would be a big plus, along with some smg's. I also disagree with the philosophy that the ghosts start out as idiots (points-wise in sp), and if they survive being idiots (not likely) then they slowly become less stupid, and you get one relatively smart "hero" on your team per succesful mission completion. I understand this is conventionally regarded as some kind of incentive, but it just seems to stand the whole identity of the ghosts as the elite of the elite on its head. IMHO Regardless, it's a great effort and a great mod. Thanks for putting it out!
  15. What if both mods have a "rifleman" folder? What I want to do is have the first mod use the "rifleman" kits (along with the associated *.gun models, *.rsb's, kit icons, sounds and so forth) from the second mod. The basic question is can a folder path in the gr xml files point back up a level, similar to how it can be done for a web site directory by using "../"?
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