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  1. I'm usually on the server first on Fridays, if you want I can show some good places around the map, places to defend and decent attack routes.
  2. I use the G15 TS Plug-in by Schmads. (LINK) F is the Use-key (fixed weapons, defusing etc.) Double tap F and you can set your C4 off without switching from your primary weapon.
  3. Wasn't exactly like I remembered... Nother one I found...
  4. I thought Putin said that "he misses it but anyone who Soviet Union back is fool."
  5. I'm a little short on time so I haven't fully read up on this but are these individual patches for games will installing the driver enable PhysX in all games that support Ageia? Thanks.
  6. What order would you guys recommend I read The Battle Of Mogadishu, In The Company Of Heroes and Black Hawk Down in?
  7. Finished reading Jawbreaker today. Good thread by the way, lots of good book recommendations on here.
  8. Don't see it happening, we're stretched thin as it is. I think the World will accept what's going on in Georgia with only mild protests. After all who want's to go to war with Russia?
  9. (LINK) EDIT: Can't edit title to include word rumor. :S
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