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  1. True the new maps are unbelievably addicting to play I mean I can go into an MP setting and most of the time I'm actually playing by myself when I don't feel like going XBL.
  2. Well other than my tactics it's of course the grounds and how my equipment is capable of functioning on those grounds so really my tactics is just the small problem.
  3. You won't have to worry too much about a downloadable weapon packs because the weapons in GRAW 2 are almost all the same from GRAW.
  4. Battlefield Ghost village Outpost River Depot Rail road Bridge Swamp Airfield
  5. I've tried so many times to see if I can counteract there defensive positions by myself on several maps (and usually there are about 3 guys on the other team) and there are maybe a couple chances I took there positions and the others all failures because of my weakness to use on the spot by-myself tactics.
  6. Thanks for the info i love that map
  7. I agree with you if they sent you behind enemy lines on infiltrate with no help at all, you're HUD is offline no contact with friendlies, can't wait to see though.
  8. true the aiming isn't that smooth but with the red dot on the cross hairs i don't really see a problem are you talking about Vegas?
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