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  1. Ive added Masada mod to bp's mod and only the meusoc pistol works. if i select any of the masada rifles, the game crashes. i even removed the Mod's for the weapons incase they were causing the problems due to duplicate entry id's, but nope. nothing changed. i guess they must of added some kind of anti copyright check or something to the files..
  2. Cpl Ledanek, SF has never caused any bad experiances for me, so please clarify a little on what is is you're talking about? Project reality eh? sure its fun, Oh no wait they removed the fun in version 0.7, PR is probably the worst and most over-rated mod there is for BF2, Forgotten Hope 2 is better, and Allied Intent Xtended is simply the best ^^
  3. Keep the franchise to GRAW, and this time place us in Iraq, Bagdad etc, with a better colour palet cus GRAW 2's patheticly dull colours had me bored, give us more revolutionised weapons, more 50 cals etc and fix the ai's ability to spot you creeping up behind a boulder/wall/obsticle
  4. Try completing the mission on Normal Difficulty, it might work then
  5. Gpu is overheating... install ATItool and check its Idle temp, run the 3d part of it for 5 minutes, and then read the temp then, thats the load temp.. Idle temp = the temperature your GPU gets to when not in use. Load temp = the temperature your GPU gets to when its under load, E.G. you're playing a game. you need might to clean the gpu's heatsink/fan and replace the thermal compound on the chipset, i lowerd temps by 15 oC just by cleaning dust off and replacing the TC.
  6. I purchased BF2 about 8 months ago...and i still love it and play it today. The expansion packs are kind of lame imho, as Special forces just gives you Tier 2 unlocks for BF2, L96, G36E etc.. and no one plays them mods anyway. Its a great game, ran perfectly on my 1.2Ghz, 256mb 5700LE pc i had 3 years back and jsut recently fixed+sold. The graphics on All high, make it look much better, and you dont think about "outdated graphics" when you can pull of headshots at 600 yards ) It's a great game, totaly worth the buy. Battlefield 2's latest patch is 1.41, it will not be patched ever again, Battlefield 2142 runs off the same DICE engine, and is updated more as its newer in the franchise, yet its gay. Battlefield: Bad Company isnt for the pc ( i think :-s) and Battlefield: Heroes is F2P with a rip of TF2 graphics. Also, if you like GRAW 2, you will LOVE battlefield 2 as teamplay/co-ordination is key to victory and the weapons make it feel more realistic because you;ve got to count for bullet drop and to hit a moving target, you need to lead the shot. Or if you've got a teamy who's good in the J-10 or Abrams, you will win... (Over-powered PLA Jet + USMC's Tank
  7. I've been working with photoshop for the past 3 years now, and Alpha channels havent given me this much trouble up-until now. First attempt at GRAW 2 weapon skinning gave me a Chrome M14. Second attempt at GRAW 2 weapon skinning gave me a horribly done Urban camo M14. What/How do you guys get the skin's looking so nice? do you have the alpha and RGB on? is alpha white? black? grey? what?
  8. Damn tailer76, im loving this M14, and might i add, I'm a M14 "whore" Keep up the brilliant work! :salute:
  9. Well the cutscene isnt all that great BEWARE: SPOILER FOR END GAME SCENE BELOW! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even if you stand by the Nuke or try to run out, you get the video, all it is, is You Cpt Mitchel, barely run out of the building as the F16 fires the warhead at the nuke to disable/destroy it, you get like 3 feet out of the door, collapse and on your inter-com you can hear that annoying old dude say Hang in there son: blah blah blah, MEDEVAC! etc...it kind of sucked to be honest, i wanted to see Mitchel's ass get blown up, thats why on my second go just now i stood by the Nuke and shot at it to waste the rest of my ammo.
  10. Hi. I've downloaded Bp's sexy weapon pack and was wondering, "What would happen if i was to put a 12.7 x 45 mm bullet into a 5.56 mm carbine breach" After much playing and testing, all i could seem to change was the bullet hole size on the ground and walls..no change in damage, penetration etc. And then i thought about What would it be like to have 40 mm H.E rounds shooting out of a M249 SAW? but alas, no change in damage (no explosions) only bullet hole. So, im going to ask you guys if anyone has got any know how on this? as it would be funny as hell to modify the SAW to shoot the M32's 40mm H.E rounds, or just any explosive round... Thanks! EDIT: 62 views and 1 reply... thanks guys.
  11. Mission 10's end-cutscene play's once you've laser marked the nuke in the base and have attempted to run out ofthe bunker, i got to like 26 meters away and the place went up in flames, but i still got the end-cutscene of mitchell just making it out. I however did find mission 10 to be quite hard, but i was playing on Normal difficulty, and the 50 cals were annoying as i had no snipers on my team, my support and demo guys died in the first minute, and i double teamed with my rifleman for the rest of the mission. i had a Rx4 w/ combat scope, zues, glock and nades, and he had a Rx4 w/ combat scope, zues and glock. If we could set intervals for our guys to pop out of cover to give a bit of covering fire.. that would be amazingly helpful on mission 10, cus the snipers and 50 cal's LOVED to shoot me even when my team was further infront of me.
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