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  1. When I create an online server and go to my maps list to pick one they're all not there. I down loaded all of them(all 4 pages of the [GR] coop maps) and the list only shows 20 maps or so. Is there some way to scroll through them that I'm not doing? Thanks, Troy
  2. so is there any way to change the setting to hardcore?
  3. M416 Light Scar RX4 all pack a good wallup at long or short range.
  4. Why are some coop missions hard(good AI)like borders and sierra and others the enemies will not react when they are right next to you? In GRAW 1, if you can see the enemy they can see you and start firing as soon or before I do. Now that's realistic. None of the GRAW 2 coop AI come even close to GRAW 1. Is there a way to change from normal to hard or hardcore? If so let me know how. Thanks,
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