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  1. I know all of you are probally thinking im the big model stealer and all that. That has changed. I've been making a model of my own. Took me long enough but got it done. I will post images of it later on tonight, right now im on a different computer. But i designed a M16a2 rifle. At first i designed a S.I.R. Handguard by A.R.M.S. inc. because i had the will to make the Barrett Rec7, But then again from playing call of duty 4 campaign i just loved using the m16, with no attachments and just the iron sights. I absolutely love the m16. I know brettzies already has a M16 mod but mine has a S.I.R. handguard, and i want to try and get the iron sights working. The catch is I need someone to Texture my weapon. I need a very talented 3D artisit to help me complete my mod. At first i tried messing around with materials and painting different objects to try and piece all the painted objects together into one dds. File. It ended up only working if i had flattened the UV's, and the problem with that is that in game the resolution looks something like the texture of a 3rd person model. IT wasent pretty, nore clear. If anyone has the free time to help me please let me know as soon as possible. For all those who think im still stealing models, i can prove to you that i designed this model. Also you wont find it anywhere else but my C: drive on my computer. Me and rocky are resolved and everything is peaceful. I promised rocky i would'nt give him anymore headaches. So iam being truely honest. The model is 8,016 Polygons. I know you guys are probally thinking wow!. It actually goes in game flawlessly. So i guess this can be a pretty good discovery for future modders in graw2 and graw 1. The new threshold for importing models into graw is 8,000 polys. It also worked flawless with attachments. Thats for weapons at least. Im not sure about any other objects. If anyone is interested in texturing my model please post inside post or pm me. IF ANYONE knows anyone who textures models please let me know. I will post pictures ASAP. Any concerns please contact me.
  2. I can do you a Sniper version of the scar H with a very long sniper barrell if i learned the secret. i can doit with the scar_l if you want.
  3. I ain't gonna do all that. I'm not releasing any more mods. I just want to hit up that mk48 with a new stock and maybe change up the m8's. Its up to you pm me if you want. And another question can you import the animations? like from the Mk48? theres got to be a way to make the diesel file a read only or locked filed if possible to prevent people from using it like that. At least they didnt sell your models on Turbosquid.com you know? that'd be crazy. But im not gonna do nothing shifty like that, thatd be like heaven if i can find out how to get graw 2 models in max, i'd treat it like a fashion show. Also one more thing , let me get a hint. I see your using Max8 , now does the max8exporter.dle file from the graw 2 patch give the interface a import option for the diesel file? Or was it all script technique.
  4. How did you extract the Scar_H model from graw 2 because i'd just love to change the stock on the Mk48
  5. Thanks alot. I really hope you enjoy it. Expect more work later on in the future.
  6. That's Weird. The weapon automatically spawns with the new scope. From top to bottom (to indentify the combat scopes) In the inventory screen. The top one is the NEW scope that i added. The second combatsight should be the regular aimpoint that was already in game. The third one should be the RX4 sight. It might of crashed because the Mk14 is dependent on the New scope. I can fix this very easily. But for now i'd try just either selecting the Mk14 and do not select any scopes. Or you can Select the Mk 14 and choose any of the two below the top combatsight. Do not choose the first one. Trust me MR nothing you'll see a truckload of different attachments from me in the future. If your still having this problem rocky make sure you've downloaded the fixed mod.
  7. Okay, after all trial and error. Mk14 Mod is now released and working. Works with ALL Single player misions now. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. Now i can finish what i've started and start getting all the other weapons in game. This will be the ultimate weapons package. I especially want to thank brettzies for his expertism in problem solving and indentifying errors fast and efficiently. I think brettzies will have a great chance in acheiving a occupation for a very high standard video game company. Great job brettzies! Now enjoy this mod: Filefront LINK: [Removed]
  8. all you gotta do is go to your photoshop program/ any photo editing program that can open a dds. file and use Nemon's Bundle extractor (found in the downloads section under graw 1 modding tools) and open the bundle extractor to get the scar_light.dds texture layout. Open that up. in your photoshop program . grab the copy and paste tool and open your dds. texture go to the edit tab and click copy for your texture. Go to the scar_light.dds texture and paste it over the scar texture. do not move the picture around . it has to be placed over the scar_light.dds texture perfectly, and wala. It defitenlly works perfect. For shore i have had the same problems.
  9. Has anyone managed to download this model before the download link became broken? If so notify me please, i need someone to send me this model.
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