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  1. Sig556 Render, i just textured 5 seconds ago. All i got to do now is throw in a couple of scratches to make it look war torn and some official sig markings and its all good. Just mastered the texture skill a couple minutes ago, didn't realize it took like half an hour to bake just one 3d model. 3D MODEL designed by Philibuster
  2. So far i've gotten permission to use both of the requested models. And here is a little taste of what they look like Still waiting on permission for the Robinson XCR
  3. Update. right now i am in the process of asking permission to use unwanted models on the website www.Fpsbanana.com , Most people on their use those models for mods so i dont think i'll have any problems.. So basically i'm going to put some clean honest models in graw 2 and have a good time. Weapons i've asked permission to use are sig 556 - Not the one brettzies using in his modification but it has a extended barrell and a collaspible stock, sort of looks like this http://www.impactguns.com/store/SIG556005.html without the magpul stock. The other rifle is a Robison XCR sort of looks like this http://www.impactguns.com/store/RA-XCR-C-556.html And finally the sidearm i chose was a Springfield Armory Xd tactical. As some of you may know i've been working on a springfield xd and some pictures of that may be found earlier in this thread. or the m16 sir handguard. Right now on the mod list is the Scar Sniper 556 Robison XCR 556 SIG556 Springfield Xd Tactical And if anyone wants to order some 3d models or pay for them on any website of choice, feel free to contact me to put them in the game for you.
  4. I know this may be off topic but i'm going to sneak this question in here and see if snowfella or brettzies or anyone with 3dsmax/maya experience will answer it. Say i'm making a screw or creating a indent/crevis. In the screw you create a circle , extend it a little, but how do you make that crease, where the flat head of a screw driver would go. Like how do you carve out that little piece to make a perfect rectangular slot? I know it has something to do with creating vertices and the polygon selection modifier. I just need this pointer so i can be on my way with creating these fascinating models. I'm constantly searching for tutorials and can not find any. IF anyone can help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Alrighty, as of now, stuck on the XD. Having problems with the slide. So i started on making a USP. I had no idea creating a handgun would be this difficult. I'm assuming after i've done this i'll be able to do anything. My standards are held very high , because i am competing not only against GRAW's models but Brettzies, and snowfella's models. They have to look just as good. This being because anything else would look like something that goes in super mario brothers. But here is a few pics to keep you occupied, I wish it was a little easier to see, but right now im actually thinking about redoing the slide. I need a really good slide to continue.
  6. Yeah in the model i showed up top has a messed up slide. Believe me i did the models seperate between the slide and the handle or grip. I know in the future im going to have to animate them seperately but thanks for the info snow. I always appreciate a pointer finger every once in a while.
  7. With the new year beginning i've been very busy with my new job and college. So i've been working on something in the meantime, http://inlinethumb41.webshots.com/42728/23...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb18.webshots.com/10257/24...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb49.webshots.com/42032/20...S600x600Q85.jpg This is sorta of a rough draft, theres still lots of work to be done, it needs some smoothing and tons of detail. Although i'm very confident about this one. I'm still testing out the scar mod for graw 2, works flawless in graw 1 but the scope is having some issues. I might just drop the scope and make a new one. I rushed on the previous scope i made and when i compare it to the graw 2 scopes it looks crappy. The rifle itself has no problems nore does the bipod. (Screenshots Featured in GRAW 2 Weapon modding forums:TOPIC M16 SIR handguard) So i'm back and i'm going to be working on this from now on, so far we have on the list for this mod is 1. Scar 5.56 Marksman Variant Attachments- Leupold Bipod - Long Range Scope 2. Springfield XD Sidearm
  8. Great job brettzies, can't wait to go home and try it out. Very Nice looking models. I like the idea that you've added a CQC M4, looks nice. Also looking forward to the British Primary rifle. Great job brettzies.
  9. Thanks a lot snow. I'm starting to get a lot better maps now.
  10. Very true, i've gotten a pretty good map, i'll post pictures of it tomarrow. Here's what i did. 1. Select poly 2.select material id to whichever one i want 3. Go to modifiers, UV MAP 4. In uv map, i ignored whether its a planar, box or whatever kind of set up , i dont think it mattered. I aligned with x axis, and then hit the "Fit" button. 5. After i fitted the UV Map i selected Unwrap UV 6. In the UV MAP editor i selected the mesh and hit normal maps, box mapping with a spacing of 0.2 Afterwards i select the modify tab and do select poly and repeat the process, and when i am finished i create a box and Attach it with the weapon model to clear up the modifier list, to prep it for exporting into graw. This is in 3dsmax 7 , let me know if this is any different from your doing. Because my finished uv map or "rendered texture map" looks nothing like the beautiful texture maps in GRAW. And i was scared to go out of that little box so i scaled down most of my uvs. Not too little though. As for the lighting, in the past you've reccomended using skylights. Sometimes i get lucky and sometimes i dont. When i was mapping the UMP, it gave it to me perfect by just using one skylight and the map turned just out how i wanted it to. The reason those little black triangles are there in the map, with the sig does that have something to do with abnormal geomatry? or is it lighting. If you have any tutorials on how to skin please let me know snow. As for the mod update. I might be able to put something under your guy's christmas tree this wedensday.
  11. Very interesting Snowfella i really appreciate the help, your real good at what you do. I'll give it a try asap.
  12. This is what the UV map looks like pretty much. Its no different. http://inlinethumb31.webshots.com/42782/20...S600x600Q85.jpg Now you see how there is the black triangles and blackness everywhere. I'd love to know how to get those out of there without adding a thousand skylights and having a very bright mess. What i did to finish the texture map, was just put big squares of each color over all the black. When i apply the texture in the viewport in 3dsmax it looks fantastic, in GRAW it looks like hell.
  13. all you have to combine is the lib/managers/xml/weapons_data.xml and mod_data.xml and make sure you correspond the weapon and mod id's together. ( the numbers) And then combine the strings.xml Just add all the the different strings from xml to the other. For the units, textures, and objects files just simply drop them into the same folder.
  14. Here is the SIG i ordered. I added the sight assist ( the little dots on the front and rear sights), and a new barrell. And fixed the missing face. http://inlinethumb34.webshots.com/42529/25...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb33.webshots.com/28448/29...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb13.webshots.com/41484/28...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb04.webshots.com/41475/22...S600x600Q85.jpg Alrighty. One problem i face. I was up all night doin the uv maps. I finally just got them done not too long ago, made a sloppy texture (as in no detail) and the texture comes out on the gun as there are little tiny lines all up and down the whole handgun. Like it almost look like someone was carving a bar of soap. I can't figure out if it was the UV map or the Texture itself. By the way before all the texture hassle, i should mention that i took 4 different materials and rendered them together. What i did was render to texture after adding all the materials and doing the uv map thing and then unrap uv. No matter how many skylights and light tracer i use i cant seem to get it right, its either too light or too black. There are little black triangles and all kinds of funky stuff. If anyone knows anything about this, do you just ignore the black triangles in the DDS file and just make the detail to your weapon anyway? But the biggest thing is that i am concerned about is the tiny lines all up and down my texture. If anyone could help that'd be fantastic. Although everythings lookin good, after this little project is done iam going to start working on another scar model and then save the best for last the xm8 project.
  15. I like vip type games. Or there should be a sharpshooter mission where as you have to assassinate a vip.
  16. The same inventory from GRAW 1 (PC) for multiplayer would be nice. I mean as in selecting your weapon and putting any scope or attachment on it. Instead of kits. Destructable enviroments. Knock down trees with grenade launchers and blow holes through walls would really change this game.
  17. There is a possibility, because if i download and order another model off 3dcadbrowser, there is a beautiful Sig handgun on there Although it has a high poly count and its missing a face.
  18. Thank you for clearing that up rocky. I appreciate it. Snow, that'd be a little extra work, extending the foward base of the rifle would probally be easy. Although to make it look a little more releastic i could throw on those rubber grips for the rails. As for 3dcadbrowser, i am not even positive if i am going to use the Ump i ordered. It's being worked on right now but its not a guarentee it will be in this mod package. I want to design a handgun or something. As for the m16a2 that is currently being skinned right now. Mrnothing i do appreciate your ideas, [GR:FS] would probally be released before i finish doing all those attachments. But! i am thinking about designing another scope or sight. IT wasent that hard to make a scope. So the possibilities are still endless. On top of all i said. My goal is to maybe have another scar and defitnelly a handgun and a modified version of the XM8C. The Xm8c is already in game, but i want to add attachments to it, and increase the rate of fire. Maybe a new skin. I also did notice something the ssr has a shorter visual of the barrell. I say this becuase i am not sure if the barrell is internal. On Fn herstal's website they talk about how you can switch out the barrells to change the caliber. I cant spot what you mean by the rearmost recievers, snowfella. They kind of look the same. Are you pointing out the rail system on top? or the safety switchs. Or how the bullet ejection port is a little longer then the scar L 556
  19. My first scope and bipod got tired of the M16, got a little help from somebody to texture and pop goes the weezle. After seeing a video online about multicam and scar's i saw two snipers on a hill shooting the sniper variant of the scar it had to be done.The video is on youtube it's called multicam and scars Everything also works perfect in game, and the scope couldnt shoot any better. Everything looks fantastic and is very fun to use. I just wish i had something else to release it with. Just one weapon is boring. After the scene when they through a flash bang through the door you'll see the snipers
  20. I've been doing some research on texturing and thanks to a very helpful online tutorial, i've learned how to texture. There is another topic i wanted to mention. I am a member of www.3dcadbrowser.com Not to long ago i ordered a model of the Heckler And Koch UMP. Despite it is somebody elses model the Terms of Use of this website put very straightfoward "Use of downloaded materials All of the downloadable 3D models available in 3D CAD Browser (3Dclub UK) catalog may be used free in your own work. 3D models may not be sold individually or provided for free to another parties". So as long as i am using it for a graw 2 modification and not selling it to anybody, i think i can feel safe about making a mod for this gun. The reason i am spending so much time on this is because after playing Battlefield Bad Company (great game) on the xbox 360, the ump is one of my favorite weapons. Now don't think i'll be excluding the M16 with S.I.R. handguard. So, rocky let me know what you think if this is a good idea, or not. If you get a chance visit the website and check out the terms of use. I want to know if you feel alright letting me release this on your website. Thanks in advance. I will post pictures soon.
  21. So far looking for someone to texture my weapon, at the same time learning how to texture. Also working on a new barrell.
  22. Very good suggestion. Although, i'd have to make a whole new stock, different handguard and the upper and lower reciever is way smaller and compact then mine. I think it'd look funky. Im working on a new barrell shroud right now, the very small piece all the way in the front of the barrell, also i removed all the rubber guards and shortened the barrell to 1/2 of its original size to see what it would look like with just the S.I.R. handguard on and it looked pretty funky. So i'll keep an open mind. Also the viper kind of looks like the m416 anyone else agree? This is my whole object goal is pretty much what iam trying to achieve, http://www.impactguns.com/store/arms_sir.html http://www.impactguns.com/store/ARMS-51C.html http://www.impactguns.com/store/ARMS-59C.html Also if anyone knows of any good texturing tutorials please notify me.
  23. It did take a while to make. And i did put a lot of hours into making it. Maybe i can just keep the M16 and make another one with the barrell shorter with a little chopping. I appreciate the wonderful comments, it is true satisfaction to see your work actually being respected.
  24. Okay dokey. Here are the images of my M16A2 rifle with integrated S.I.R. Handguards. Please enjoy, http://inlinethumb17.webshots.com/44240/21...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb12.webshots.com/30603/27...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb13.webshots.com/41292/26...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb39.webshots.com/42662/27...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb15.webshots.com/41358/21...S600x600Q85.jpg
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