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  1. As read in-game: "014 - Eager Smoke" for mission mode, or "014 - Farm Night (M)" for other modes. I believe that is the "m02_Farm" folder in the game files, right? Thanks!
  2. Top to Bottom: Desert Siege, Island Thunder, Centcom Mod v 1.0, Violence of Action
  3. Thanks, Rocky. 2 questions: Any of you guys have this texture on the Farm map? (Pics attached) Want to see if it was as intended or if my download is corrupted, because the day version of the map is very high detail. Also noticed a white texture on the night map's barn floor too. Second: Many of my icons for my kit loadouts are blocked out in the bottom right corner. That a known issue, or is my game jacked up?
  4. What is this? A new OGR mod in 2020?! Just played my first mission on the OGR campaign. Pleasantly surprised of the difficulty and lots of surprises that caught me with my pants down. I was expecting the vanilla mission! ahahaha Thank you much for making this.
  5. Damn sound glitch! Well, thats a pity.... mabye I should just download version 1.4 then!
  6. I love this mod and it works fine for me, but my only complaint about this mod is that the awsome sounds for your weapons are way to loud in comparison to the other ingame weapons. I can barely hear a rebels G 36 shooting at me unless I turn the volume up, which results in me going deaf everytime I shoot one of your weapons. Is there a way I can tone down the volume so that all the weapon sounds are at a more equal level with the stock weapons?
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