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  1. Ext4 has been stable for me since, oh, before 9.04 I think. AFAIK there's one corruption bug left, but it's insanely difficult to trigger and has a patch that will be going in for 9.10 final... The sound volume doesn't make much difference to me (except lowering the master volume control from 64 to 40), but I do like the new sound prefs/manager UI. Not only is it seriously cool, I'll be able to drop the old PA device chooser & volume control applets without losing per-device & per-app controls. I really haven't given Empathy a fair try yet... its lack of a plugins API is keeping me on Pidgin for now. - Gache
  2. I used to use InstallPad, which is... not so easy to get a basic list of software into , but allows you to hand-edit the app list. Also because it supports file:/// URLs, you can d/l your apps before installing Windows.
  3. Only if you're using a 64-bit version. AFAIK 32-bit OSs still have no way past the 32-bit memory addressing limit.
  4. Oy, I distinctly remember starting this thread... there must be a thread thief about! Yeah, it's nice - what's your major 'wow' feature so far? Have to admit I haven't had a 'falling in love with this release' moment yet - at least, nothing like 7.10 when everything just worked, or after installing 9.04 and the fonts were so good it looked like my monitor had a resolution upgrade...
  5. Because in all the Windows 7 euphoria, we might forget that Karmic will be out in a few days... The headline features: New boot-splash and login screens (very slick!) New 'Humanity' theme & artwork Even better installation experience (for reference, 9.04 was damn near perfect) Empathy IM client - simpler & more usable than the old Pidgin, plus voice & video calls 'Software Center' improves software management (and makes adding repos easier) Ubuntu One provides 2GB of integrated Dropbox-style remote storage New Disk Utility provides a full read-out on all the disks in your system, including health, temperature and simple tools to partition or format System Testing utility to check everything works as it should New Intel video driver architecture with greatly improved perf NX protection, PIE, kernel module protection, AppArmor and ufw improvements for better-than-ever security Loads of under-the-skin improvements I don't have time to type... I've been using it since the beta came out - feels very smooth. Despite the fact that my hardware would struggle with Aero...
  6. I was already on my second insert... but I won't be going for a third until after the Tourney... 40 mins is a lot of info. (Thanks for the update anyway, Lightspeed ) - Gache
  7. Mine was about 40 mins into second insert - shot one of the enemy through a window in the building on the east side of the farm compound and GR promptly crashed. Could mark it on a screenshot of the map if you like? - Gache
  8. Got my ass handed to me in a big way... then a BSOD on the second insert... Still it's a fun mission
  9. Ah, the nostalgia... Navy Seals was my mod of choice back when I first completed the original campaign...
  10. C++ is slower on an AMD platform? That's news to me. Nonsense. There's no appreciable difference between execution time of decently-optimised code on the major platforms. Of course you can write code that performs better on one OS than another. Heck, you can write code that performs better in Windows under some languages than others. Or which prefers particular bits of hardware. But that's not something peculiar to C++: you can do it with almost any language. BTW, C# is an odd choice to suggest as an alternative. It was created by Microsoft for its .NET runtime... which is of course Windows-only. ID Software has done this several times with their UT series, most recently with the UT3 engine.
  11. Hold your horses Lightspeed, not everyone checks this place as often as they used to! BTW, count me in too
  12. <OT> Apex, I think you got a bit carried away there. OS X and Linux have security updates too. Roco, you might want to read up on Xserves and how security bugs work. There is a qualitative difference between security on Windows and on Unix/Linux/BSD based OSs. For example, the latter three regard unauthorised privilege escalation as a high-priority security bug. In Windows 7, it's a feature. Oh, and Apache/MySQL are no more 'part of Linux' than they're part of BSD, Solaris or Windows (to name a few other platforms they run on). Web and database servers are some of the most heavily exposed pieces of software out there. Keep them patched or you'll get hacked, whether you're running Apache or IIS, MySQL or MS SQL Server Enterprise Edition. (If you manage to get a fully up-to-date LAMP stack hacked, chances are either your setup is all wrong or you're not filtering input properly.) None of this is practically relevant to the issue of cross-platform game development & tech support, though. Shall we get back on topic now? </OT> The technical obstacles to cross-platform games are either solved or easily solvable The Windows gaming hegemony is maintained through non-technical means. (At any rate, no-one seems to be posting to disagree with these right now. Feel free... )
  13. For games, the Wine experience is never quite as good as under Windows. That's why we're not asking for a Wine or Cider port, we're calling for native versions for OS X and Linux. Like I said before, building cross-platform apps quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively requires a change from the Windows-centric mindset. For example, you don't use platform-specific APIs where you can possibly avoid them. Instead of using DirectX graphics (Direct3D), you use OpenGL. Instead of DirectX audio (DirectSound), you use OpenAL. For networking, you use something like the Torque Network Library API. These are all cross-platform APIs - code once, work everywhere. Maybe there isn't a cross-platform version of something like Punkbuster: but under the skin, what it does is scan memory for known cheats. There are cross-platform memory scanners - just add your own signatures. Maybe there isn't a cross-platform activation scheme, but if as you say it's the publisher's concern - someone like Ubi can certainly afford to have one created. And if one publisher takes the plunge, it's there for everyone else too... Would it be cost-effective for OS X? Definitely. Would it be cost-effective for Linux? Perhaps, perhaps not. But from OS X it would only be a small step - and it would reach a very vocal, very loyal community of gamers. I presume you mean free telephone support for the preinstalled software, for the life of the PC, included in the base price of the system for home users? Well, if that's definitive for Windows PCs, I can see why Apple's shorter support period (and the possibility of getting major Linux distros without any official support at all) would make publishers nervous. Having OEMs to deal with OS-related issues, point people at the correct support for 3rd party apps, and sometimes send issues back to, must greatly help game publishers get their users with problems to the right place - and save them from having to deal with a great many unrelated issues. I guess we'll just have to wait until the combined OS X & Linux market share reaches critical mass...
  14. Some Adobe volume licensing schemes don't require activation of individual copies. Retail, OTOH, you'd have to crack. (It's not unheard of for institutions to use illegal copies, but it's at least as much of a problem on Windows as OS X.) Installing OS X itself doesn't need require any activation. (Funnily enough Apple doesn't feel the need to resort to ineffective copy protection measures...) That doesn't, however, affect the ability of software developers to include their own activation/copy protection. Well as an example, the basic Dell support package seems to be 30 days for software, and after that you have to pay. Is that generally representative? (They have an extended support option, but so do Apple, Novell and Canonical, to name just a few. There's no need for game developers to officially support more than a small number of the most popular desktop Linux distros, anyway - and the list needn't include any without pay-support available.) For oem/retail support to be a real problem, there'd have to be some statistical evidence that home Windows users are more likely to purchase extended support than Apple or Linux users, that they're likely to actually use it as a result of game issues, and that the issues are most likely to occur within the extended support period. Otherwise the picture's the same for all 3 platforms: support is available to those willing to pay to have their problems solved. Does a game studio need to worry about any more than that?
  15. Yes, pretty much... the installer program will look through the software repositories for missing dependencies (libraries/apps, etc) and download/install them for you. You only have to intervene if it can't find them.
  16. What is there in Windows to prevent you copying a directory? Anti-piracy measures are built into the game precisely because Windows doesn't provide reliable copy protection. And using a binary blob to tie a copy of a game to particular hardware when activated is hardly a Windows-only trick. There are lots of F/OSS programs and apps for Windows too. And Windows apps are far more likely to cause 'dll hell' than than Linux apps are to cause dependency problems. Linux package managers are pretty good at handling dependencies these days. Producing different packages for Debian-based distros, RPM, etc, isn't a huge deal either. You don't use Direct3D... you use OpenGL. Using cross-platform standards and libraries makes a big difference in multi-platform development. How long does MS provide free tech support for new Windows PCs? Apple includes 90 days tech support with new Macs... you'd have to pay for 'official' tech support on Linux, but it's there for the major distros... and the community support is excellent. Or are you suggesting that (home) Windows users are more likely to pay for extended support than OS X or Linux users? Multi-platform support eating the resources needed to differentiate the PC version from console? It's certainly possible - where the corporate culture has multi-platform development as an exception rather than the norm. Years? Not quite. I can think of 3 indie developers who've manage it recently: Wolfire, 2D Boy, and Frictional Games. And of course there's the big one: ID Software's Unreal Tournament, UT 2003, UT 2004 and UT3 all run natively on OS X and Linux. Many difficulties of multi-platform development stem from the conventional, Windows-centric viewpoint. For example, compared to OS X and Linux, Windows is quite lax about enforcing code quality. Invariably, this makes it difficult to port Windows code to other platforms. But start from the ultra-strict OS X, and suddenly the changes needed to port to Linux and Windows become much less.
  17. Updated the guide with some new information and fixes. I've been testing MP and some related apps, so I'll aim to add a 'Tools' section soon.
  18. Ah, I didn't realise you'd bought an installer... should have looked before criticising, eh? (If it works, that's great... I'm still annoyed with a well-known, respected mod that installed itself in completely the wrong place the other day and made me hunt for it Sorry if I came off as harsh.) Actually, playing tweaked/upgraded versions of the original campaigns is something I enjoy too... Back when I didn't have DS/IT I spent countless hours getting wiped out in the old 'New Cold War' mod - ah, good times Edit: Have you thought of using some of the extra maps to fill out the backstory between the original campaign missions? An 'extended' campaign might add a bit more interest for people who've played the originals a lot, and co-op players would get some new full-scale missions... hmm
  19. Hope you weren't needing a quick response on this... that doesn't often happen these days... There's the TEK / Alpha Squad server... that's always up... apart from that, check xFire or GameRanger and hope for the best... Actually, the quickest way to get some action might be to throw up a server on GameRanger... otherwise, you can be in for long wait. - Gache
  20. Apex, I simply haven't played HU beta5 enough to comment on most of these options. (After falling afoul of P2's hardware requirements, I've been running through some older, less graphically-intensive mods.) One thing I can say, though, is that a basic 7z archive is much better easier than an installer, unless that installer is really well done. For example, most mod installers don't say whether to point them at the GR folder or the Mods folder - I've lost count of the number of times a mod has ended up in the wrong one. The messages announcing 'this is a free version of a payware installer' don't give a terribly good impression, either. HU is better than that!
  21. I'm back! Not a lot of real progress to report though... GameRanger now installs and runs (Wine 1.1.28). xFire also installs and loads, but it's too crash-happy to actually log in. Installing the K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) solved the problem with the intro movie not playing... but it crashes GR at the end of the intro movie. I do have some more fixes to try, so work goes on...
  22. You might want to check GameRanger too - not as many servers as xFire, but quite often there's a GR server or two up. - Gache
  23. Just to add to the confusion a bit, I've had the same 1647 corrupted files in downloads from FileFront and Strategy Informer! The files seem to be the right size but have 'Data Errors'. In the end I fell back on downloading the b5 patch... seems to be OK.
  24. Glad you guys like it. Actually I'm still working on fixing the remaining problems. I've tracked down the 'intro/outro movies won't play' to codec issues, thanks to your thread on Indeo, Rocky. So now the Frostbite intro works! Tracking down an installer for the MS MPEG-4 v2 codec is proving a little difficult though...
  25. Wow, nice trailer First Heroes Unleashed, now P2 - it's a great time to be a GR nut. Too bad the download will take a while... Thanks, migryder & co!
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