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  1. I think that will take a while The 'tipping point' before everyone starts to treat a platform (such as a web browser or an OS) as an essential seems to be around 10% installed base... which OS X has now passed (at least in the US, and it's close in Europe). We're not quite there yet on the desktop. But we'll get there Well, as Valve pointed out in their announcement, if you use good development practices, there isn't any delay. So hopefully that will hammer the point into people's heads that the delay only exists because you treat OS X as an afterthought If there is a delay, it's squarely the fault of the devs, not the platform. Perhaps studios that have a 'console first, PC later' attitude will still release the OS X version later; probably studios with an ingrained 'OS X later' process will still do so; but I'd honestly be surprised if, in a few years time, the studios that do simultaneous releases and used Steam+Source to get into OS X for the first time are still delaying one platform over the other. Or maybe I'm just an optimist. - Gache
  2. Confirmed: Steam & Source are on OS X. - Gache
  3. Kind of surprised no-one else posted this yet From Valve to Deliver Steam & Source on the Mac: Nice touch. (Emphasis mine.) Native not emulated, cross-platform code, simultaneous builds. Yep, that's how to do multi-platform development effectively No more excuses: as of now, it's as easy to do Source on Mac OS X and Windows as just Windows. - Gache
  4. Some interesting news on the new Steam beta: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...d.php?t=1157656 - Gache
  5. Wonder what that means? Edit: oops, just another Windows+console thing. - Gache
  6. Thanks for the news Rocky, it's good to hear Apex is still around even if not exactly 'AOK'. Apex, hope things work out for you. - Gache
  7. Does anybody actually want Flash as Flash? No - they want the things that are usually done with it. (Video and games, mostly. Thankfully the idea of using Flash for trivial animation has died out.) From a technical point of view, Flash isn't much of a loss. More open (and even more pervasive) web technologies like HTML5 audio/video, animatable SVG, AJAX, CSS3 and plain old HTML are actually even more capable, and don't suffer from the awful CPU-killing perf or unreliability. Some of these technologies are built into things you probably use every day - things that would once have been done with Flash without two thoughts. Once people realise that '90% of PCs' doesn't mean anywhere near '90% of internet-using devices', Flash can actually be replaced pretty easily. - Gache
  8. No need for an expensive video editing suite just to transcode video - use something like Handbrake or WinFF. (I'd recommend Handbrake, as it comes with presets for things like iPods and it's generally easier to use without having to know what all the options do.) - Gache
  9. It's now possible to get xFire working properly under Wine. I won't be adding this to the guide as I reckon it's a bit out of most people's comfort zone - until GCC 4.5 is released it involves compiling an unreleased development version of the complier in order to compile Wine... But for any brave souls out there, here's a link -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1344962 - Gache
  10. I saw some numbers that suggest if you allow for the cost of the iPhone's 2yr contract the Nexus One looks a lot better... hmm, can't find the link, sorry. How does it compare to an unlocked iPhone these days? I don't know what they go for now, last I can remember was €699 in Belgium (down from the initial €999 ).
  11. IMHO the big thing about this is not 'Google Phone' or 'iPhone killer' but that they're trying to kill phone-based lock-in. If people can pick the phone first - and it just works on any carrier - then carriers have to compete on price and service quality. If it works, prices go down and quality goes up. Consumers win.
  12. Merry Christmas, everyone! メリークリスマスï¼
  13. It's taken a while - OS X users have had Growl notifications for a year and a half - but at last, we can get Spotify notifications on Linux. I've been using it for a couple of days now (I was downloader #39... guess I count as an early adopter ) - it really is seriously cool. Makes Spotify feel a lot more native. Requires Ubuntu or a similar Debian-based distro using notify-osd.
  14. Another step towards multi-platform support: AnandTech reviews a tech demo of the Unreal Engine 3 running on iPod Touch! So now Unreal Engine 3 supports all 3 major platforms - Windows, OS X, and Linux. Well that would take care of any issues over what graphics/sound/netcode API to use, wouldn't it...
  15. Very nice! A sharp reminder of how quickly the 'edge' goes, too... a couple sessions of the classic Half-Life recently was enough to ensure I died a lot first insert...
  16. Oh, the joys of dealing with helpdesk 'techs'. Ever read The Chronicles of George? (Lest anyone misunderstand, I know there are helpdesk technicians who are helpful and technically competent. You just don't meet them every day.)
  17. You got it. Great mod. Great fun (even though I died a lot). Thanks, Lightspeed. It's been a privilege. - Gache
  18. Not usually, no. Maybe check your motherboard manual to make sure you're using the right slots for dual channel memory handling? However, if you're concerned about memory problems, you do want to run memtest.
  19. Lightspeed, I'm nearly done too - any chance you could, say, set a closing date and publish the scores for those who did complete all the missions? Please? Oh, and Rocky, you can hardly be last...
  20. Got a linux live CD handy? Most popular distros include memtest86 these days - just boot from the CD and then have it 'Perform memory tests' (or something like that). Leave it running for a while and see what shows up.
  21. True, but first they have to UNDERSTAND what made the previous edition great... which seems to be lacking all too often. Maybe because it's not always something you can find in feature lists? I suspect the 'feel' of a game is hard to communicate to execs/developers who weren't part of the fanbase.
  22. I think that link relates to caching the thumbnails in memory after viewing a folder - the idea being to load them quicker if you go back to that folder later in your session. It could cause excessive memory use with very large folders, if XP is being dumb about memory handling, so it may be worth a try... but it's not what I'd try first. What I meant was, just delete the hidden 'thumbs.db' file where WinXP (and Win7... but not Vista ) stores the thumbnails it's created. These can get corrupted and Windows doesn't always fix them automatically. All you have to do is go into a folders where thumbnails are slow and delete that thumbs.db file. Next time you go in there, you should see a slow load (can be a really slow load with lots of pics) as Windows regenerates the thumbnails; but on subsequent visits they should load much faster. Of course it could be something completely different, in which case that won't help at all... but it's one of those 'check it first to rule it out' things - Gache P.S. +1 for defragging, too, if you haven't in a while... the disk i/o on 16GB of pics (or a correspondingly huge thumbs.db) could be a killer even on a very fast system if the HDD's very fragmented.
  23. 'Scuse asking the obvious... but have you tried forcing WinXP to regenerate the thumbnails file?
  24. Was that an open invitation? Ah well, looks like I missed the time anyway... - Gache
  25. Still here, still getting whipped Scores up to date now... Sorry I vanished for a while... been away, dealing with stuff - Gache
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