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  1. Was trying to play my old favorite and the wrapper is not working. Found this thread and amazed to see people still working on this game... awaiting the new wrapper...
  2. I'm looking for a guy that is the same as the support guy from CENTCOM but with the goggles up. The rifleman head in CENTCOM is a patrol cap; the support guy has a helmet. Sorry for not making that clear.
  3. I'm new here, but have been playing with GR Mods for a while. I get the 'gist' of modding, but don't have 3dsmax or any experience in actually designing the .chr files. I don't have photoshop either, so I'm basically limited to piecing together parts from different mods; maybe a face here, maybe the body of this one, and the skin of this one, with this attachment... ect. So I guess you could say I'm just a very amateur modder. Anyways, I have a request, simply because I can't make what I'm looking for. I really like how the original riflemen had the googles on top of their helmet. I also really, really like the quality of the skins in CENTCOM mod. However, the .chr's in centcom have only one texture applied to the whole .chr, helmet included. So that really limits the .chr to pretty much only the skin included with it. On top of that, because of the skin being mostly just the uniform, and the gear being separate (though not attachments) I can't take the skins from CENTCOM and apply to a different body without a weird look. Pretty much the CENTCOM .chrs only go with .rsb file assigned and I can't change any of them. The ACU guy has googles on his helm, but then I'm forced to have the whole skin, ie ACU camo. Ok I know this is getting long, but I'm really just looking for a .chr similar to the support guy with the googles up instead of down. Could someone help me out and make this for me? This is for my personal use only, I've never released a mod, nor do I think I will; I just like playing single player.
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