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  1. I was ###### that I cleared the border station following the insertion with two of my guys and myself hit and was going to replay the insertion, but it sounds like I was damned lucky compared to what I've read here. Perhaps I should just keep going.
  2. This one is driving me crazy. I think I've had every problem mentioned in this thread. I play all the way through and can't place the darn EMP unit. I close the game and then come to this thread and figure out that you just have to keep trying. OK, got that to work. The attack choppers show up - of course, I've used my Zeus to shoot down the troop chopper that showed up on the dam thinking it was one of the two choppers everyone was talking about - no problem, my two Ghosts have their Zeuses. WRONG. I didn't realize that I had to equip them with the Zeus at the beginning of the map. I just assumed that, since I had a Zeus, that they had theirs too. So I give it a few tries of shooting them down with small arms and the RPGs to no effect. OK, no problem, I'll just restart the round. I gave everyone a Zeus. Make my way to the entrance and kill everyone in sight. Hmmm, no message telling me that the objective is complete - must have just been a bug - no biggie. I fight my way all the way to the dam, get the message that I'm leaving the zone - HUH? Must be another silly bug. Make it about 1/3 of the way across the dam - BAM, dead. No shot, no shooter, just dead. I replay this about 5 times and the exact same thing happens in the exact same place every time. I come back to this thread and read up on the problems some guys are having with the entrance. I go back to the game and instead of tackling the dam, I take my team back to the entrance to find the hiding bad guy - NADA. After spending at least 20 minutes searching, there's nobody there. My only thought is that he must be crouching or laying down in the tower by the gate. Of course some game designer thought it would be funny to put targets in a tower that you can't access - lovely. So I guess I'm going to restart it once again and hopefully everything will work right.
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