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  1. If you find it the GRAW skin too dark, switch back to classic.
  2. Yeah, we are aware of the GRAW emoticons, and more importantly, my sig! I've just double-checked in IE, Opera and Firefox and do not have the problem you report.
  3. Fine here, want to post a screenie of what you mean? And what browser you are using.
  4. Yeah, did it to me too. Just mark them all as read and it will clear it, its the only 'solution' I know.
  5. A new skin has been made by NYR based on the GRAW colours. If however you would like to revert to the original GRnet skin then you can through the skin-chooser located at the bottom of every page, to the left hand side. GR.NET - GRAW is the skin by NYR based on GRAW. GR.NET - Classic is the original skin.
  6. I couldn't imagine him playing left back, but thats probably because I am use to seeing him further up the pitch. He has a good cross on him, but rarely takes defenders on which is a shame.
  7. He scored an absolute belter of a free kick tonight. Does he play Left back then, as opposed to left midfield for USA?
  8. GhostRecon.net has been upgraded to the latest version of Invision Power Board. We have upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1, but don't let the numbers fool you, there is a lot added and changed in this version. The Admin side of the forums has been totally changed and the directory structure of the software has also been modified heavily. New Features Rich Text Editor The latest feature that you are most likely to notice is the Rich Text Editor (RTE) than has been introduced. Users can switch to and from the Standard and Rich Text Editors from the Board Settings. This makes creating posts a lot easier with a 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) style interface, similar to a word processor. Note: Requires Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Firefox web browsers. RSS Import and Export Feeds Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds can now be made from the forum data, or alternatively imported into the forums. For example, an RSS feed could be imported into the forums every x mins. No plans have been made yet for this feature, but keep your eyes peeled for something in the future. Example Multi Question Polls Members who have the privilege to create polls can now make multi-questioned polls. So instead of creating multiple polls to answer an array of questions it can be all done in one. Polls can only be made by Supporters and staff at this time. Become a Supporter Multiple Calendars It is now possible to create your own personal calendar using the board software. There are also many more smaller features that have been included in this build. We hope that you find them useful in your day-to-day forum activities. The forum skin also had to be upgraded to coincide with IPB 2.1. Inevitably, there will be problems with the skin. If you come across an error, or something doesn't look right, then please post in this topic or PM Avey. Quick Edit To 'quick edit' a post, click on the edit button below your post and choose 'Quick Edit' from the list. Here you can edit a post without leaving the page, and submit it without a reload too! -- GhostRecon.net Staff
  9. Another French news reporter, Stephanie Renouvin Not sure she has what it takes to topple Miss Theuriau though.
  10. minger - a male or female who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down Munter - A particularly ugly young lady. These two refer to physical appearance, where as mong is mental retardation.
  11. Acoustic Alternative Blues Disco Electronic Experimental Indie Indie Rock Metal Pop Post Rock Progressive
  12. Try following some tutorials ghost627. Some good places to start would be: http://goodtutorials.com/ http://pixel2life.com/ I'm sure Zeko and some of the other guys have some links they could share with you.
  13. Mong Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebal ability. General retardation. However, in this case squad_e has adopted it to mean a person who is physically unattractive.
  14. I finish uni on Friday so I have a lot more free time to work on a "project".
  15. She won't mess with me.
  16. Are you saving them with the right settings? Open an original RSE created RSB, delete it and paste your work over then save as.
  17. Awesome! They look really cool. You might want to post it in the GRAW section also, might get more attention there.
  18. Thanks WytchDokta, swartsz, Warbird and Rocky! Last night was heavy, but I'm told more alcohol will help ease the hangover.
  19. They are nice, good work. Have you got a GRAW icon planned? Would be cool for those who use a dock app.
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