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  1. Ooh, you can't let Jan Koller have chances like that, he'll score them all day long! I want USA to win for Eddie Lewis' sake but I have Petr Cech in my dream team.
  2. There are 32, same as always. How come I don't see USA, Denmark, Russia and Greece on the group listings that the newspapers gave out for free? USA are in Group E. Denmark, Russia and Greece did not qualify.
  3. There are 32, same as always.
  4. It was nice to get back into PS once I'd remembered my way around it. That effort is nowhere near my banner, I still don't understand how that didnt win. Expect a new sig from The Avey soon.
  5. Its also national day of Slayer. http://www.nationaldayofslayer.org/
  6. They are £11.99 from Sports-World! Bargain.
  7. I haven't exercised my PS muscles for a while.
  8. But even a "drummer" playing live on a 'track' (as you call it) isn't rare. Musicians are suppose to be able to play their instruments. I would feel cheated if i went to a gig and saw a machine pumping out artificial drums, when it would be perfectly feasible for a real drum kit and drummer to be doing the job. Hell is for Heroes - Transmit Disrupt
  9. Where'd you find that??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melissa_Theuriau
  10. They work fine for me. Are you sure you are doing it right? <p>Top of the Page<a name="top"></a></p> <p><a href="#top">Click here to go to the top! </a></p> [/code] Should look similar to this.
  11. Wow. They are some superb pictures. I particularly liked the dales/pennies pictures on your site. And I always thought Scotland was like this:
  12. Soon as I read your first post I was going to point that one out. I saw it on the advert for Ice Age on DVD. Like it or not, we are in a PC age.
  13. Here ya go, PSD format. GRAW Skull
  14. Muse - Time is Running Out
  15. Avey

    Nice Forums!

    Some of the member groups colours have changed because they clashed with the GRAW skin.
  16. Avey

    Nice Forums!

    Staring at a metal wall would not pleasing to the eye.
  17. This could be done in a few easy seconds, but I'll let the big squirrel decide if he wants to part with the ol' banner. And I do agree, the new banner is super duper!
  18. England Provisional Squad Robinson (Tottenham), James (Manchester City), Green (Norwich); G Neville (Manchester United), Ferdinand (Manchester United), Terry (Chelsea), Cole (Arsenal), Campbell (Arsenal), Carragher (Liverpool), Bridge (Chelsea), Beckham (Real Madrid), Carrick (Tottenham), Lampard (Chelsea), Gerrard (Liverpool), Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Jenas (Tottenham), Downing (Middlesbrough), J Cole (Chelsea), Lennon (Tottenham), Rooney (Manchester United), Owen (Newcastle), Crouch (Liverpool), Walcott (Arsenal). Standby: Carson (Liverpool), Young (Charlton), Reo-Coker (West Ham), Defoe (Tottenham), Johnson (Crystal Palace). Players in red have not been capped at full international level yet! Theo Walcott is 17! The biggest surprise emission is Shaun Wright-Phillips. He has been a regular in the England squad this season, but has rarely played for Chel$ea since they acquired him for 20 million.
  19. What sort of problems? In the RTE you have to highlight the word and then click 'Insert Link'.
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