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  1. Zidane is still a legend. In fact, the head butt has shown me that he is simply too good, and wanted to give the Italians a chance.
  2. Will be buying for the 360 when payday comes. I love Hitman 2!
  3. Marmaduke Duke - Blunder and Haggis
  4. Italy because my brother will win £200 in a sweepstake competition. But my heart wants France to win for ZZ.
  5. Avey

    England v. Portugal

    Carragher. Very disappointed once again. We have world-class players when they play for their clubs, but for England, they just don't gel. Gerrard was wasted (he needs to be pushed up further), J. Cole hardly saw the ball, Lampard never got going and Rooney cant play up front on his own. Speaking of Rooney, he did deserve to go, but Ronaldo shouldn't be play-acting and winking(!!) at the ref in order to get him sent off. As for the pens, well, we can't do 'em.
  6. Avey

    Portugal v Holland

    We are so good we let the opposition score for us, as seen in the Paraguay game. Gerrard and Crouch have scored too.
  7. Avey

    Portugal v Holland

    Aye, it was nice of him to headbutt Van Bommel, he might get a suspension too. With C. Ronaldo injured, and the two already suspended players they could be without their first choice midfield. Shame...
  8. Avey

    Portugal v Holland

    Two suspensions for the England game.
  9. Design your pattern. Press Ctrl + A to select it all. Edit --> Define Pattern
  10. Brazil and Australia qualify so they'll be playing Ghana and Italy respectively. The Brazil game saw Ronaldo score twice in a 4-1 victory and Australia drew 2-2 with Croatia. The equalising goal from Harry Kewell might have been offside and Graham Poll (ENG) booked a Croatian three times before he eventually got sent off!
  11. Frank Turner is a 'one man and his acoustic' type band. He used to be the front-man of popular underground band Million Dead before they split. He has some intelligent lyrics and a good voice, so if you are a fan of folk take a look. Check him out (Myspace)
  12. Please remember that some visitors to the site are minors, and as such, we can not tolerate links of this nature.
  13. Avey

    USA 1-1 ITA

    Michael Owen went off after 74 seconds and will be out for 6 months! Rooney was subbed as he isn't 100% yet. I think you got the two mixed up, Rooney will definitely be back for more! Crouch stated that he wont be doing the robot unless England win the tournament... so you wont be seeing it again.
  14. I can see it, and re-uploaded it.
  15. Avey

    USA 1-1 ITA

    LOL! Yes, the USA didnt score the goal and it was a rather fortunate OG, but that takes nothing away from their performance. Italy were neither 'nice' or 'stupid', they were just equally matched by the USA.
  16. Well Argentina are awesome.
  17. Damn. If I was told that someone on this forum had done that, my guess would have been you.
  18. Thanks Guys. The dude on the horse slaying the dragon is St. George; England's Patron Saint. So i thought I'd show some national pride that way instead of using players etc.
  19. You can find it on the Island Thunder CD. Or you can download it here.
  20. I think you have to start with Eddie Johnson next game, from the little I know about the USA squad he looked to be the best striker, he worked his way into a few good positions and wasn't afraid to shoot. I agree with you on the defence, they weren't up to much. Just think I have to put up with Eddie Lewis' appalling crosses every week, at least you just have him for a couple of games. How come Eddie Gaven and Freddy Adu never made the squad?
  21. Reckon you can beat Italy or Ghana? Because I don't.
  22. USA were playing a one dimensional game with no real creativity in attack. Can't see them getting far, in fact, I can't see them beating anyone in their group. Eddie Johnson looks good though.
  23. It was a good goal though, nothing Keller could have done. Heads-up though, you have hit the post and Koller has gone off injured.
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