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  1. I don't use the RTE (doesn't work with Opera) so I can't really offer any advice. The only thing I can tell you is that I haven't heard of this happening before. *Testing* This post was made using the RTE and Firefox How big is the gap. Seems fine here!
  2. Snow Patrol - Set Fire to the Third Bar feat. Martha Wainwright
  3. I hear that. I can't find it above 85x161. Maybe it was never made bigger than that?
  4. I think I'll use the lightning bolts, cheers all!
  5. Cheers Colin, I should be able to do something with the GRIN logo.
  6. Does anyone have any decent sized images of either the RSE or grin logos? I want to be able to isolate the red swirl from the RSE logo as well as the, grin from the GRIN logo. Cheers
  7. All of them, though it looks worse on the front page as it has more text.
  8. All the text overlaps in Opera as well.
  9. Avey

    RTW maps

    Total War Center is the best R:TW site I know. There is also the expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion, if you don't already own that.
  10. Quality game. I installed it last year and it ran at 10x the speed that it should. I had to download a program off the Eidos website to "slow my computer down" so it would run normally. If you haven't picked up Commandos 2 I suggest that you do Dick.
  11. A soldier who is wounded during a mission will be wounded for the next mission. If you don't select him as a member of your squad for that mission he will have recovered for the following mission. In other words, wounded soldiers need to sit out a mission before they can reach full health again.
  12. Drunkship of Lanterns - The Mars Volta
  13. My forks blew out a couple of months ago so I spent £400 on these bad boys:
  14. Good to hear from you 'Cinko!
  15. Sure they are all great bands dickie, but the truth is that there will be bands that play similar roles in changing the shape of music in "our time" as well. The Mars Volta will be a band that people 30 years from now would have loved to experience live, to name but one example.
  16. Have you really taken a look at a MySpace page? Busy backgrounds with gifs that nearly cause seizures are not good web page design. Also, not everyone who visits MySpace pages do not want to be inundated with music, even if it can be turned off. I think you are getting confused WK. It is not the fault of the myspace user that they do not have the skills to design a webpage in XHTML/CSS. Most users of myspace have no real computer knowledge, and therefore cannot really be held responsible for their pages. If myspace page design was a form of knitting I'd be screwed! The solution for this is for myspace to provide tools and pre-made layouts made to the accordance of W3C standards. I can understand your annoyance on the music issue, I'd prefer an option to globally turn off music on a persons profile. However, for an artist, myspace is invaluable. Unsigned bands can promote themselves in a way that they couldn't 5 years ago.
  17. Interesting. The BBC said votes had to be in before half-time of the final. Who knows when FIFA are involved? The BBC have a story up about what Materazzi said to Zidane.
  18. The vote was decided by journalists who had to vote prior to half time in the final.
  19. Play the Official 2006 FIFA World Cup Game, as endorsed by Zidane.
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