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  1. Nice! I have ordered a new PC (moving into a 'student house' this weekend) and it might not be brilliant, but I can't wait to see what [GR] looks like on it. I might be able to play the game without all the settings on low now.
  2. For the PM to be stored in the Sent Items Folder one must check the box labelled "Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder". This checkbox is located at the bottom of the page, just above the button that sends the PM.
  3. LOL! That was not me! zjj? Nope, and wasn't me either. Pave.
  4. A Rebecca just registered. Rocky just registered a Rebecca.
  5. Avey


    <div style="float:left; margin-right:5px;"><img src="http://www.scarletpage.com/images/recent23.jpg" width="254" height="150"></div>The Mars Volta were born out of creative frustration by guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala after tiring of doing 'straight-forward' rock with El Paso band At the Drive-In. Musically, the band mix multiple genres of music together to form a distinguished, unique sound. Album tracks often exceed the ten minute mark and live renditions can last up to thirty minutes with excessive ad libbing. Consequently they have a die hard fan-base who see the band as musical revolutionaries. Countering the fans are a large number of critics who find their music to be nothing more than musical masturbation. Something Awful did a rather good review of the album, with the latter opinion on the band! I have been eagerly awaiting the new album since the release was announced way back in the distant past, and I also feel good that I didnt succumb to temptation and download the album months ago when it leaked. The first album was accessible and contained "songs", in the traditional sense of the word. Frances the Mute, the second studio album only contained five tracks (split up to make 12 and thus be an LP and not an EP) making it harder to understand and digest. Amputechture is supposed to bridge this gap; be both accessible and diverse. Unlike the other albums, Amputechture starts of with three minutes of dexterous guitar and softly-spoken/sung words. Different from what I expected - I was waiting for it to 'explode' and hear Cedric shift up a gear - but its all good. The rest of CD continues in typical Mars Volta style with layered guitars and vocals combing with bass, drums, sax, keys and no doubt several other instruments all twined together to form a wall of immense sound. <div style="float:right; margin-left:5px;"><img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/47/Mvcasm.jpg" width="175" height="179"></div>Keep an eye (or ear?) peeled for the single 'Viscera Eyes' which I am sure will be under appreciated by both Radio/TV stations and the public. Probably the most accessible work The Mars Volta have put on tape, it contains a simple guitar part mixed with English and Spanish vocals, capped off with a sing-along chorus "Come on and give it to me, come on and die. In your Viscera Eyes!" Day of the Baphomets deserves a mention and stuck out as one of the best on my first listen this morning. Starting slowly but ending with a flourishing jazz and bongo explosion, it sums up The Mars Volta. You never know just what is around the next corner. I have only listened through the album once, but I think I will have to let it replay itself so I can pick up some sounds I may have missed on the first listen. Frances The Mute is one of my favourite studio albums, so Amputechture had a lot to live up to, however, I think it may have done more than live up to it. Rating: Some of the best music I have ever heard, Cedric and Omar are true geniuses. If Amputechture can stay in my CD player as long as Frances did, it will be awarded 5 stars.
  6. At the bottom of every page there is a drop down menu on the left hand side where the skin choice can be changed.
  7. Avey

    Injection +1

    So its been a whole 24hrs since we launched the Injection skin and overall I am pleased with how smooth it has gone. A few tiny issues have been resolved after I saw them, but I have recieved zero PM's regarding problems from other users. Whether this is because there isn't any issues with the new skin, or simply because people just haven't bothered to report them is yet to be seen. The main reason I am posting this entry is just to highlight a point I made yesterday. Please, please, please, if you own a blog on these forums go to your blog settings and choose a skin from the drop down list. Thanks. One last thing. Selecting one of the new Injection skins over the classic skins does not make you any less of an [Ghost Recon] / GR.net fanboy. I promise, I wont tell anyone you abandoned your roots.
  8. Avey


    As you are most probably aware, the forums have been blessed with a new skin, that comes in both old skool Ghost Recon green and another that is Advanced Warfighter bluey/turquoise. I hope that you like the new skins, and I also hope you appreciate the skin options that we have to offer here. One element of the forums that we were not pleased about (cosmetically) was the blog component. Rocky, and the other members of staff felt that the blog looked too similar to the rest of the forum. The blog section was not polished and contained quite a few glaring HTML/CSS errors that could put members off using the tool. With the addition of Injection, we hope that these problems have now been eradicated. Injection has been designed to look like a traditional blog with its clean, clear and simple design. We are hoping that this will help 'separate' the blog and forums, helping the former become more popular with the members. Blog Owners can choose to have their blog displayed in either colour from the new Injection set. This setting, and many more, can be changed from the Blog Settings page. Once again, I hope you like the skins. Now get bloggin'.
  9. Its crazily hard to skin, so many annoying little template bits. The blog component is especially bad. However, I have heard Vb is even harder to skin... I don't think there is too much between IPB and Vb in terms of features and functionality. Either one is a good choice.
  10. I dunno, I think they stand out well..
  11. Simon has taken a well deserved holiday whilst he writes a new album, my avatar has reverted back to The Kenya Lion.
  12. That's what you think. Dannik is going to be all over those white edges like a rash LOL, hopefully there won't be any.
  13. Smilies been sorted now.
  14. Two New skins are available to use on the GR.net forums. They are called Ghost Recon: Injection & GRAW: Injection and can be selected from the drop-down menu located at the bottom of every page. If you have any issues please report them in this thread, or via PM to me. Hope you like.
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    Blog Back online

    Ignore the Trackback, just me testing stuff.
  16. Microsoft Canada leaks Vista pricing Source
  17. On the one hand it is pretty pointless running around the map with no enemies, however in a real mission the ghosts wouldn't know everyone was killed. It adds a bit of tension to the mission if its (to steal a quote from [GR]) 'too quiet'. The player would be tense waiting for that one possible tango to jump around the corner and zap him.
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