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  1. The site The guy from the banner here is over on their site!! Can they do that?? I also spy Henry Ramirez in the corner. Just wondering if they have permission from Rocky to do that.
  2. Its the options.xml in the Ghsot Recon folder. There was a tut telling you all the colours but i forget where it is. Anyone know??
  3. No need to download 1.4 patch i think island thunder comes with it.
  4. In jack57's campaigns he has sort of including parachute jumping. The campaigns are called Postcards from Peru and Saving Pilot Ryan. They're pretty good you just fall from the sky and start shooting everyone. =
  5. it was on the british news about a week ago. The guy was going through all the options then the next day it vanished... (the news story that is)
  6. is this just in mp or single player as well
  7. there was a weapon in the 22nd SAS Equipment mod that had a c-mag, silencer and m203 attachment.
  8. A while back on the news there was something about an iraqi cargo ship just sailing around going nowhere and avoiding radio transmissions. The Americans thought Saddam had hidden weapons on it. Anyways, i was thinking of a Special Forces airborne attack with fast roping from helis!! but the next day it was off the news for good. Anyone heard anything about it.
  9. supasniper86 is right. According to Andy McNab in Last Light the British Agencies have all come together to form the SIS instead of having MI5, MI6 etc. I know that after WWII each number after MI meant that sub-agency was working in a particular country. E.G MI19 was Poland.
  10. We called the nazis jerries because in the deserts of Afrika they crried water around in jerry cans compared to the Oil drums of the allies.
  11. Why do the yanks call the Vietnamese people Charlies in all the films about the war? I'm doing some History Coursework on it at the moment and the teacher doesn't know why. I thought some of you 'more military' guys might know. Thanks
  12. When i load any mission with DP activated it just boots me back to the desktop. I have DS and IT with patch 1.4, does this make any difference, anyone else having the same problem?
  13. #1 Henry Ramirez - Just look at him in IT!! Also he has the best weapons in my opinion #2 Nigel Tunney - He is British. Simple as that. #3 Buzz Gordan - For been the first Special Forces OAP!!
  14. Is there a mod that contains all the original GR heros in Desert Camo. I wanna shoot some baddys with Buzz!! Thanks
  15. thanks for all the replys guys i am off to go and try out some of the suggestions now!! Thanks
  16. i have a mod which has the characters dressed in british camo and their respective regimental berets. I like the camo but not the berets. Can I keep the camo but change the head dress to something like the boonie hats from IT. Do I have to use GR Skinner?? Thanks in Advance
  17. The Special Boat Service would get my vote followed by the SAS. The SBS helped set up the Navy SEALS and they also pioneered maritime counter terrorism. All snipers in NATO countries are trained at the SBS Headquaters in Poole. Been British doesn't make me bias or anything but the British army and British special forces are the best in the world.
  18. how do I create the characters arms to look like skin, instead of camo, like in Island Thunder?? When I do it the forearms look like giant squares and are not 'rounded' like proper forearms. Thanks
  19. Have you got a release date target??
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