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  1. I have been playng C&C, FIFA, COD4 lately. (Haven't played GRAW for a year or more probably). My kids came over, and my 8 year old started the campaign form scratch. (Which was a distant memory for me) GRAW2 is still an awesome experience. The bullet trails, the "clean" textures, the lighting. The gun sound effects. I'm gonna pick up the re-release with all the downloads, as I let my son take my original copy home with him. Amazing game. It's a shame the re-release probably won't give it its sales numbers it deserves to where it sits in relation to other games like Gears of War and COD4. It deserves greater recognition. I pray they make another game. And I'd really like FPS creators to ship games with more maps. COD4 doesn't have enough maps for my liking.
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