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  1. THANKS, that's it. in the texture_scopoe were a few path to files I've renamed. now everything works. Great, now I can start making a singleplayer mission
  2. Hello, I'm trying to make a singleplayer mission. I've created a ORG map, which works fine. Then I extrcted the quick.bundle and replace the origonal files by the ORG map files and deleted the *.xml.bin files. I can start the mission and nothing crashs. My problem is the texture of all statics. It's yellow and blue. The texture of small statics or cover is all right. In which file is the texture for statics saved? I thing it could be in the \data\textures\custom_levels\mission02\lightmaps\atlas0\tdb_atlas_set.xml. This file I've placed in the quick.bundle in \data\textures\lightmaps\mission02\atlas0. Thank's for your help Now I have changed the first line in tdb_atlas_set.xml to <atlas_set name="lightmaps/mission02/atlas0" category="lightmaps" allow_autoload="false"> now the texture of static works half. The windows on the buildings are still "Yellow and Blue". Additional I've added a fueltrailer. The relection parts are also "Yellow and Blue".
  3. i think it's enough to hide the small_static. it would be nice, if it will be back, but not necessary. thanks for your answer.
  4. Hi, I want hide a small_static from the world and show it later. Also I want to walk over the place, where the small_static is placed. The small_static is a spansk_ryttare. I've tried: <element type="DisableUnit" name_id="sperre_04"/> <element type="EnableUnit" name_id="sperre_04"/> This don't work. Nothing changed. and <element type="UnitVisibility" name_id="sperre_04" action="hide"/> <element type="UnitVisibility" name_id="sperre_04" action="show"/> spansk_ryttare was not visible, but can't walk through Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Ok, here I am again. I've tried your solution, but there was always the same reaction. The game run, if I use not too much probs. After that I reinstalled GRAW and rebuild the complete map. Now it works. I don't know what it was. Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks for your answer. I've checked the world file and found 5 small_statics (boulder1) with z=-50000 and deleted them. But the map it still crashs. When I delete a single prop, i can get closer to Zulu. By testing the map I've realised, that GRAW.exe needs abot 1000MB RAM. Could this be a problem?
  7. Hello, I have a very big problem. My Coop-Map crashs when I'm moving to Zulu. There is no GRAW failure message, only the one from windows. When I delete some props, the distance to the point, where it chrashs, get smaller. In a clean version without props I can move over the hole map, but then it crashs after restarting the map and reaching Zulu. Have I used too much props? Can anyone help? Thanks a lot [Title spelling fixed]
  8. My problem is solved ! Usually i exported with minimized window, because it was much faster. Now i tried to export in full screen mode, 3 passes medium. Everything looks great No more black areas there. Seems that the editor doesn't export that well in minimized window mode. Anyway, thank you for your help !
  9. Hello. Thank you for your quick help. I solved the problem with the blue and yellow coulours with the texture_scope.xml. But the problem with the dark bulidings and walls is still there. The walls don't intersect with buildings at that places. I placed some different small houses (props) free on the map, most of them (not all) are very dark or even black. Are there favourite export settings you choose at all your maps ? Thanks...
  10. Hello. I have some problems in working with the editor. If I export a created mission, no matter which rendering quality, there are a few texture faults in the map. The failure is on walls, rocks and some flowerbeds (only props). The surface of these props are chequered and in strange colours. Another problem is that there are some very dark or even black places or building walls on the map, even though there should be enough light. All different export settings didn't fix the problem. Does anybody have a solution for this ? Thanks...
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