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  1. test system: 32-bit vista pc athlon 64 x2 4800+ 3 gbs ram onboard nvidia 6150 card stealing 128 ram onboard realtek hd only running through my 2.1 stereo speakers the graphics and the graphics options are improved over the lego star wars games. yeah, everything still looks like legos but now we have added shading, bloom, and other neat effects that just make everything look awesome. i am definitely going to need a better graphics card to play this game. good thing i was going to buy a 8800 card
  2. cysis, lego star wars 1 and 2, lego batman, lego indy jones, assassins creed, ground branch, far cry 2, mass effect, hawx... as for just fun games to pay a day, some with friends: liquid war, jump n bump (with all the levels), plasma pong, scorched earth 3d or atomic tanks...
  3. sry, i don't know where you could have gotten it from but a good idea is to use only trusted programs and trusted sites with any plug-in. social networking sites should not be trusted sites. also, with plug-ins like flash and java you can turn off storing files locally on your computer. in your case, specifically, just open the java control panel in your windows control panel, then click on "settings" under the heading "temporary internet files" and uncheck the "keep temporary internet files on my computer." also, always remember to keep all your plug-ins updated. it doesn't matter if it i
  4. thanks, guys. i was hoping there was a way without learning the scripts but i guess there isn't. i've spent the weekend learning this stuff and it is king of fun, really. now i'm testing teleporting hostages, multiple hostage points, and adding enemy reinforcements to protect the hostages. very cool.
  5. I could not find anything under the search. Want I want to do is throw some dummy hostages in the central area and if the dummies are bumped into they will explode killing everybody around them. 1)is it possible? 2)has it already been done? 3)can somebody help me? other question is I played a version of SAR where you could kill the hostages then nobody would win. anybody of any ideas on this?
  6. downloading now! i cant wait to play this after what everybody has said about it.
  7. i tried this morning, this afternoon, this evening...still can't get it! hey, everybody, i have an idea let me download it before you crash the servers edit: fresh installs for me all the way...that is a debate for a different thread, though;)
  8. thanks, gache. some good games guys. thanks again to attackforcez. im out.
  9. sorry for the double post but server ip is now: you can play there with standard gr/ds/it tonight starting anytime now. thank you attackforcez for such an awesome server! i hope more ppl show up tonight for some good games. as for other servers i know run lots of ppl every weekend (bc not one server can handle the whole of us): 9ms is runnig centcom alphasquad is running frostbite and their latest alphasquad mod aeg clan is running standard gr/ds/it now, im not volunteering any of their servers for play tonight but i am mentioning them bc there are always great games
  10. centcom is not required on the attackforcez server but i here a little rumor another server is running centcom tonight with more than a few ppl on it. btw, thanks all who came. gg's
  11. That's right, boys and girls, we are having some more [GR] fun this weekend. We are playing on AttackForceZ. Somebody correct me if I am getting this wrong The IP is: TS Server same as last weekend: voice.hypernia.net:8802 password is: easy I believe it is just standard GR/DS/IT with SPV4 mod. Get it here: SPV4 Leave a post here if you are going to make it! edit: Friday and Saturday night (April 18 and 19) starting at 7pm est.
  12. with the new ubuntu comes the new xubuntu and that makes me very happy i still keep my windows as default on my system, though because a) i only have enough money for one computer and b) i start forgetting the wrong way, whoops, i mean the windows way of doing things if i leave linux as default. i maintain a lot of computers for family, friends, and my church, on top of fixing them at work and most use windows xp or vista so i have to stay sharp. btw, can't you play [GR] on the latest wine release?
  13. what a list of maps! many i have never seen before. thank you punisher and thank you thales! i have been checking some of these out. very nice.
  14. im running vista, too, and i haven't had any real issues, either. i am happy about sp3, though. it should make my job in computer repair a little quicker when i have to reinstall somebody's xp and do all the updates.
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