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  1. Steam Username: Ghost http://steamcommunity.com/id/gunsmith_0
  2. Awesome feature, hopefully the rest of the game's got as much thought behind it and will be as good.
  3. ApexMods: Heroes Unleased. Even if you wont put yourself in the hall we know you should be.
  4. A shotgun with realistic accuracy/chokes and a choice of ammo types would be good. I have yet to see a game where the shotguns can hit and 'kill' a target at over 25 meters. A 12 guage shooting solid rifled slugs is reasonably accurate to over 100m and even BB's have sufficient energy to do considerable damage past 40m under good conditions.
  5. Have Ubi put any thought into how this will affect consumers in remote or rural areas where internet speeds and connections are less than perfect, or even consistent. There are people out in the sticks who dont even have broadband. this will potentially harm the games sales, if they know its not going to work then, they (the consumers) wont buy it.
  6. It seems like there's a lot of effort going into the anti-piracy for little or no gain, the pirates will always find a way over around or through any protection imaginable. I havent really got anything against anti-piracy systems, never had any trouble with it myself and I'd say that as long it isn't overly intrusive and they dont skimp on the game itself then who cares what they do with their money? BUT if they do anything that detracts from the game, then it's going to harm sales anyway and any effect it has on reducing piracy will probably be cancelled out.
  7. Bring back the soul switching, it's so useful. If Igive the squad a wide variety of weapons then obviously I want to use them all at some point or another, I dont want to rely on the AI to get it right and honestly, its simply more fun to do it myself. If this is happening anyway then you're on the right track.
  8. To me Ghost Recon means: 1)the essence of tactical- the whole squad gets used 2)flexibility- do the mission a million ways 3)mood- who else jumps a foot in the air when they suddenly get shot? 4)igor- mod to your hearts content Looking forward to GR4
  9. Apex has it right. Ghost recon is a THINKING game. It was and is still great. Yet for some strange reason there are people I know who only see the older graphics and couldn't be bothered to learn this different style of play. I would love to see the [GR] done up pretty, a lot of other golden oldies as well. However, if they give us a new game entirely that Brings back the feel of the original... I will be content.
  10. Have recently finished the "Tommorow when the war began" series again (7 books) by John Marsden. Seriously worth reading. Have begun rereading Larry Bond's "Red Pheonix"
  11. To go on the list ... when in a water pistol fight you use hand signals and WORSE your brothers understand them and signal back. ... you try to make a water bomb grenare launcher (didn't turn out too good) the list is awsome.
  12. only five on the list but a lot more of asimov's and probably the strangest book I ever read was H.G.Wells book 'The Island of Dr. Moreau". Mr Wells had some very strange but interesting ideas. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Jules Verne I Robot - Isaac Asimov War Of The Worlds - H.G. Wells The Time Machine - H.G. Wells Foundation - Isaac Asimov I read the sequal to foundation but my library hasenty got the third. (this annoys me). Have also read E.E.'Doc'Smith, a bit like Asimov.
  13. The politicians are not only misinformed but also misled by the presenter, even taking this into account its pretty pathetic that they insist that they know best. Feel sorry for the bloke who raised the issue and then sat there with his hand up to try to get a word in edgeways.
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