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  1. The fact that the Ace Combat games are set in Fantasy-landia (or whatever stupid name they have for fake countries) always cracks me up. I imagine Ubi's air game will at least be set in the real world. I'm officially siding with this as a promotion for "Air Combat". Anyone who thinks this is a new GR game will be extremely disappointed. I'm still excited to see if Ubisoft can do a good modern flight game (no one has done a real console sim...AC is too arcade-like), but there's no way it's GR -- that would be far too subtle of a trick for Ubi. They're not so sharp.
  2. Anyone bothered to decompile the Flash files? Given how sloppy Ubi is with bugs in their games, I would be surprised if they didn't give up the secret by accident.
  3. To be fair, there are a lot of places in the world that speak Spanish: the rest of Central America that isn't Mexico, most of South America, obviously Spain itself, a lot of Mediterranean islands and parts of North Africa, plus the Phillipines. So it could be a lot of places. Has anyone had any success in positively identifiying the satellite map images in the opening? I'm more curious about why they change from Spanish to English.
  4. The frontpage report that "ubi_graw_onchnl" is a clue aren't right. Look at the page source...that is http://ghostrecon.us.ubi.com/flash/ubi_graw_onchnl.swf, which is just a GRAW promo piece on the page. Fixed
  5. Whoa whoa refresh! there's something new there. some kind of computer screen.
  6. If Ubi would just let RSE make the next GR game from start to finish, things would be good. I'll gladly sacrifice the better graphics work of the Paris studio for a game with better realism and story.
  7. Maybe I should recant on my "entertainment" post from earlier. This is just nothing.
  8. No way these things cost millions, but I hear you. At the same time...this is the entertainment industry. I love the GR games, but I can admit that their marketing (packaging, ads, etc.) has lacked pretty heavily. COD4 felt like a premium game not just because of its development, but because you could tell they were really supporting it. Also, that's some sweet looking smoke. Usually Ubi has those ######ty Flash effects. Cool to see the game devs getting involved in the marketing...maybe it means RSE will play a real role in GRAW3 beyond multiplayer (like a realistic story???). Anyhow...that thing doesn't really look like a folder to me. I see a hard edge on the top...feels like metal or ceramic to me. I can see how it might look like an accordion folder, but how would it get that texture/color? Also, look at these marks on it: http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/4557/15970004ma1.jpg 1. Not sure what the top one is 2. "680" (covered by smoke here -- sorry) 3. "42" inside a triangle Those ring any bells for the military folks here? [Edit IAW Forum Rule 3.14 - oversized image changed to URL]
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