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  1. i would add a knife.... for a more silent kill, (excuse my spelling its late ) i would add a knife, and make online gun kits customizable
  2. what everhappened to graw 3, and do u mean gr4 or [GR 4] ? ive been bust and havent really folowed up on this [Merged with existing thread explaining that]
  3. under where it says training ground it says AGEIA island. i was wondering how you can unlock it. if someount could please tell me the awnser to that question i would be very happy
  4. its also happens when i play online at maps it crashes
  5. really kool! i can't wait for it. keep me posted! plz put a post up as soon as u know more about it or just send a message to my account. plz and thank you.
  6. Hey all! just wondering if anyone konws how to hack the I-touch. i have a friend that wants to add different programs aside from music and stuff like that. Does it matter what fermware for the PC or MAC? My friend has V1.4 ( i'm just running this to you guys incase you guys can help... if i said something wrong its cuz i coppied it wrong).
  7. Hi all. Could someone please put some links to the patches. I don't even have patch v1.1
  8. Weekends might work for me. I'm in San Francisco. I don't know how to run a dedicated server on my XPS 720, but I could just create my online Onlline Coop Server. I also have Teamspeak, but have been experiencing technical difficulties, so I can only hear, but not speak and be heard. Eric Ok .. so if you other guys dont mind... could we do it on the weekend? And does anyone els have teamspeak?
  9. I'm sorry but i love it. It looks awsome!
  10. So when is the next event going to be held?
  11. What are the requirements? Do you do tournys?
  12. What are the requirements? Do you host tourniments?
  13. Hey I'll do it! I love coop stuff. But the best time for me is on the weekend... idk... Let me know whats best for you guys. Oh and by the way... Do any of you have teamspeak? it would really help on this coop stuff.
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