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  1. Country: UK Branch: Infantry Division: 3rd Battalion The Queens reg Rank on discharge: L/Cpl Last Name: Kemp Last Deployment: Northern Ireland Time of Service: 1981 -1988
  2. "Rocky, this is zeroalpha - look out, enemy left, hiding in freezer" "######, they know we are here !! they may send Sart in to eat us quick pull the pin lets suicide on a coke can! "Alpha this is rocky - frag in freezer am investigating - wait out "Hello all [GRNET] call signs this is Rocky - "OMG SEND THE BOYS ROUND NEED SOME CLOSE PROTECTION!"
  3. I know what u mean I get confused too We should start to use standard radio procedures and all use call signs
  4. Knowing how the AI will react is always handy. They will always atack the location that a frag has been thrown from, great for an ambush!
  5. You could have got a happy snap of me too LOL
  6. Many thanks Preacher problem solved, trouble was installer had no name and as your pack installs directly I FAILED TO REALISE THERE WAS AN INSTALLER PS having viewed the maps and loved hell fire wont need to worry about uninstall anyway
  7. Thanks Rocky but have tried that must be missing something how does the game make entries into the quick mission list, never had this problem with side server maps before
  8. Hi preacher, have DLd your mod ,installed and ran ok but when i removed the maps i am still left with them in my quick mission list ? any ideas?
  9. same problem here CTD at start of mission please fix as sounds great mod
  10. X69rzx - XP PRO Crimson - want to host, the plan is to get the hang of MP with my brother, we are both quite "old" by some peoples standards we want to enjoy on line play without cramping your games as we trip over our walking sticks figuring MP out. we have managed to paly via an IP from the home page but would like to set up a host to get a better feel for MP the people in theses forums never fail to impress me with their helpfulness thanks
  11. NIC set at "default" left and right arrows seem not to function? thanks for taking the time to help
  12. thanks crimson but im still a bit lost here do you mean MAIN MENU OPTIONS MULTIPLAYER? bottom right shows box with main menu only options and join port? thanks for your patience
  13. Hi, am looking for help please, I have been playing GR since its UK release but only on SP. now trying to play MP. Iwant to set up my own server so that i can play against my brother. have figured most of it out but cant sort out the IP address, where do i find my (host?) Ip address thanks in advance
  14. A clear and present danger mod would be a great idea, might even re-read the book!
  15. Cant wait to give these a go even though SP has its drawbacks
  16. Glad they will be playable in SP as thats all I play, will just have to be more of a chalange for us SP types we just have to work harder at keeping the AI under control!
  17. Stick with the idea Tollen as danegeld and JTF said it is the intensity of a situation that makes a great mission, look back at riot in Belgrade, when that mod used music so effectivly it was eye opening. Another early mod was real war 1 with all the artillery effects the constant screen shake was great I personaly like the idea of a campaign based around a short time phase -24/36 hours that would alow you to start the mission during the day then have the second mission set as night in the same location ive some other thoughts if you are interested?
  18. Well Chaves cant wait to see what you guys have done, I like the sound of good pre mission intel, Have often thought it would be good to have printable int packs in with the mod read me, If I am conducting a recon of a new mod I will often print the command map so that i can make notes of enemy positions and patrols etc
  19. Glad you agree, lets hope some modders decide to address the issue!
  20. Was that the stuff done by Marko Renko ?spelling?
  21. way to go, always thought it is wrong to perminantly move in the aim, that should only be possible at a slow cdontroled speed. any scoped wpn should have restricted view when aiming
  22. look forward to playing your misssions, ZeroAlpha
  23. Space man hal look forward to seeing some of your work, why not release some of your missions as stand alone missions rather than trying to produce a complete campaign, that way you can get some user feed back? As for the realistic sniper missions, if you consider the role of the sniper in combat opps 1. kill selected enemy personnel - this would include enemy snipers as a priority target, ( this could be used to produce an "enemy at the gate" mission with the ghosts deploying sniper pairs to track down and kill an enemy sniper that is harrasing NPC's, Jack57 gave us a good taste of this in postcards "fool on the hill" Officers and NCO's and key personnel Ghost snipers could be tasked with establishing an OP on an enemy camp (the camp north of the mountain in mission14 of the original campaign) This would involve the sniper teams covertly moving into position avoiding enemy recce and standing patrols. the sniper team could then identify the camp commander and take him out prior to a NPC assault - with good scripting this would cause panic in the enemy camp and prevent an organised defence. the snipers could then switch to the next priority targets, the radio op thus preventing the camp from summoning supporting armour. any crew served heavy weapons could then be removed to make the assault successful 2. Engage valuble enemy equipment snipers could be used to dissable enemy vehicles to prevent a rapid response to the Ghosts primary mission much of the scope here would depend on IGOR! 3. Disruption of a larger force from unexpected directions and at long distance 4. provission of real time intel 5 protection of key areas the embassy map would be great for a defence against suicide bombers and gunmen working within a group of rioters, strict rules of engagement preventing civilian casualties being a priority! Jack57 if you cant find the book let me know and iI will send you a copy
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