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  1. 16th Damn you ZA! I bet you're ready to explode with all the secrets you have to hold in you have no idea....
  2. to clarify - it is my understanding that night vision will be available in all maps HOWEVER the way night vision performs will be writen into the map in much the same way that weather effects are now. this could prove to be very interesting and open up multiple modding options for the future!
  3. not that was obviously evident but we will have to wait for the final release to be sure
  4. based on what i have seen and heard, and no I cant be more specific at this time. I now believe that producing theX-BOX version first was the smart move
  5. 1-sniper is focused 2- at this time nv = full screen 3 - AI has major improvements, expect the unexpected 4 - it lookes that way! 5 - unknown at this time 6 - the phrase incapacitated rather than dead was used (reincarnation on the cards here) 7- recce sends one man cautiously forward to clear the way ahead, we were given the impression that any action you could carry out your team can carry out for you. they will now kill armour! 8 - looked to be greatly improved
  6. also less sign of those magic "from the hip at 100 meters head shots" from the tangos!!
  7. other cool stuff, "combat roll" you can roll when prone!!!! medic feature is great, can only give first aid, gets team mate back in game but less fit, if not treated they bleed out!!!!!!!!! lip sinc for voice AI uses 25% of proccessor air strikes are NOT a scripted event saw one character climb chest high box to get a good shot night vision is scripted to be map specific more to follow!!!!!
  8. in ots, when you you zoom you switch to FP with sight showing team mates kits pre selected per mission requirements. wounds slow but dont gimp your charicter, just wait till you see a team mate get hit and role around calling for help 16th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. there will be an awsom vehicle map!!!!!!!!!!! (no we dont drive them but the tangos do!)
  10. getting shot because i was too busy loving the graphics!!!!!!!!!!! grass is soooo cool
  11. sdk - cant comment foliage blew me away!!!!!!!!!!! index
  12. it looks like enemy weapon pick up only but will try for conformation hit detection should be better lower limb, upper limb, body + head. Head should = dead! 4 kit slots to fill
  13. cant comment, SORRY but i am very hopefull!!!!
  14. It very much had the GR feel to it team commands similar to RVS - you look at an area and can select appropriate commands, hold, flank, recce etc X-Box single player = 4 man team
  15. ... My Question..howd the guns feel? Did they have the GR1 feel with the ret and everything? better looking but same feel
  16. only got conformation the night before!!!! from what i saw there was very little to dislike, we will still have to wait for the PC version to see GR2 in its full glory
  17. if you had ever seen me try to play an X-Box you would be the one in tears (of laughter, give me my mouse and key board!)
  18. OK, I have had a chance to play the X-BOX version of GR2 and talked to some of the Dev team I will answer any questions that I am able to. Some aspects can not be discussed until 16th sep. fire away
  19. the graphics alone will blow your mind, forget screen shots. Wait till you see the real thing
  20. get ready to eat your words (having played the X-box version )
  21. i am not aware of any iminent demo release
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