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  1. Thanks Gordo, thats my point exactly, in my experience politicians Know just enough to put the armed forces in Harms way, in the absence of strong military leadership it’s a short walk to a bad day out!
  2. I take it you are not Suggesting that the two soldiers in the car decided to take unprovoked pot-shots at the Iraq police? a more Pertinent question might be why where these two soldiers handed over to the militia despite clear orders from government level to hand the back to the British forces?
  3. Bit confused here, the presence of British forces in Iraq is the result of a POLITICAL decision. The safe rescue of 2 of our soldiers from the hands of the militia was the result of strong MILITARY leadership. Officers who are prepared to make decisions like this to safe guard our forces are worth their weight in gold IMHO
  4. will be on tonight
  5. well you where running around a lot and hard to hit + i had drunk a bottle of wine.......
  6. Well NYR, if we ever get this stuff on tne PC are you up for some dinosaur races? (frags only) and if Sart is a pumpkin will it still count if I TK him in AT wars?
  7. Soup. Those that have served understand. Some that have not served try too; Most that have not served are apathetical. All of the above I served for. Those I hate vilify us for what we do, the only reason they can is because we did what we do WE remember those of US who gave there ALL.
  8. game up 2355 uk time, its a team game - play as a team IP
  9. new ip alphas house
  10. Dog Zebra, the other books you should look out for by the same author are "Brotherhood of the rose" then " the league of the night and the fog" the last book links the story lines of the first!
  11. Thanks, we would all like to know more about the PC version. all of us here are trying to do the best we can to provide information as and when we can get it
  12. So, just what are you trying to say ?
  13. ok, 3 Thoughts. 1 In the initial post I am expressing my own opinions. 2 Why do I feel that my opinions out weigh any one elses? FACT - I dont! but i do base my opinions on having been present at the x-box premier and having spent most of the day in the company of both UBI and RSe employies. 3 I am optamistic about the game. I was not before i went to the premier.
  14. MY Pc version speculation I will break this down into 3 categories What I believe to be Fact. There is going to be a pc version. There is quite a time delay between the releases of the two versions The PC version will be built on the X-BOX version (as far as I am concerned) The PS 2 version has no bearing on the PC version. The X-BOX is a PC! But with limitations. Red Storm love this game, are loyal to the fan base, read the forums and take note of what is said. They have also been hurt by comments made but are not in a position to defend themselves. UBI own Red storm. UBI decide what can be said and when! A Red storm employee who forgets this may have a bad day out! Any game producer wants to make money. They will have a marketing strategy This is far less likely to take note of us, we are a loyal fan base but WE DON’T REALY KNOW WHAT WE WANT! Read any thread to see 4 sides to any argument and very little consensus. This game will be released in three formats on more than three platforms so marketing will be complicated and there is no chance that every one will be happy As X-BOX is the first release the marketing so far has been X-BOX lead RSE have stated that they intend to stay true to the [Ghost Recon] concept. There is an OTS view – don’t like it? – then turn it off! The game is not finished, the version I played was for the X-BOX and was not finished. This means that until we see an off the shelf version of the X-BOX game there are several surprises in store for us. Once we have seen the X-BOX gold version we can only guess as to the improvements that we will see in the PC version. At SOME POINT we will start to get PC info Deep throat info- various sources I considered reliable When RSE made GR 1 they made it for the PC and then had to port it for the X-BOX, by all accounts this was a troublesome process and very time and labour intensive. Why? Because of the limitations of the X-BOX. As PC gamers we can upgrade to meet a new games requirements. An X-Box is an X-Box and that’s your lot! This time around the game is being built on the X-Box and then improved for the PC version. Porting a game from X-Box to PC is a fast and relatively easy process. There is a new "IGOR" which is much more powerful. but when will we see it? Speculation – what I think. At no time when I was in London, did the UBI people want to talk about the PC version. They also said that the RSE staff there where not the PC team. We know that the Shanghai team are out the equation on that one so what does that leave? We have been told that the PC version will be ported from the X-Box version. OK so what I PERSONALY think is that at this time there is no PC team! Why? What would the do to earn a living? Why not sort the X-Box version and then let the X-Box team become the PC team and release the PC version of the game at a later date? IMHO this makes perfect sense! Why no PC news yet? AGAIN, MY OWN OPINION HERE, The console versions are a bigger money spinner than the PC version. So they are a good customer group to keep happy! How much fuss have we, the PC players made about the game being produced for the X-Box first? Would the console crowd be any less likely to stamp their feet and throw their teddy in the corner if the advertising went something like this This Christmas get GR 2 for the X- CUBE- STATION Thingy, Exciting all new features! Oh and by the way if you waited till early next year you could get a much better PC version! PLEASE RUSH TO THE SHOPS AND GET THE X- CUBE- STATION Thingy version !
  15. exactly B, I would put TEAM GRNET against the technology any day! anyway was going to give the gucci gun to HAVOK!
  16. Brilliant! Let me guess, Guiness in bottles ad? the gun cam looks to be a cool new and innovative feature and certainly has lots of potential, as for the cat and mouse game, well the RSE people thought that the mouse would be hard to beat, cant wait to see how the mouse does against any good coop team on voice coms! As for corner glitching, or glitching in general. I certainly came away with the impression that the new engine would be a big improvement over the original and issues like glitching where on the list of improvements. IMHO it would make more sense to wait until we play the game before we get bent out of shape over imaginary issues!
  17. Ok, just to clarify the PC news situation, WE AT GRNET have never said that we will be releasing PC news today. However looking back through the posts on this and other forums and web sites, including the official web site, It becomes clear that certain members of the on line community assumed that PC news would be forth coming and their speculation has become rumour which is now being quoted as fact. Neither UBI, RSE or GR.net have said that pc news would be released today. Sorry if peoples hopes where raised but this happens with Chinese whispers!
  18. Late breaking news- Bornt to kill was right I miss read my notes - the land warrior system will be based on the M29, not the XM 8 good call mate! (and thanks to a good friend of the community for spotting the error )
  19. will most definatly be restrictable, just gives aus a new angle to play with
  20. the land warrior system is in no way a glitch, it looks well thought out and is an item that will be subject to restriction. I think it would be wise to wait and see rather than jump in with wild speculation
  21. one thing to remember here is that the X-BOX version will be the PC versions "little brother". What we are waiting to find out is the age difference!
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