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  1. When I was a lad that line never worked on my parents! ← Me neither... I can live with no doors. ← Me too - the other day someone summed up the Tom Clancy games with a comment something along the lines of GR is an outdoors infantry based game & RS is the indoors CQB game. So if you want doors, try your hand at Lockdown... if you can put up with it that is... That said, reading the the thread on the report done by Colin and ZeroAlpha, there will be doors - that open - sounds like a similar number to GR1 too. ← To calrify: enterable buildings and roof tops = YES doors that you can physicaly open = NO The reason? From a face to face conversation with Bo "the maps are so large that it was felt that it would ruin the emersion if a player had to try every door" that help
  2. ok....Rediculous..... why not take a little walk around Vilnius (m10) and count the doors that you can open on that map and pop back on here with your answer?
  3. GRIN, I think its more a case of a big thanks from us, I am sure you have given me a game that will do the same as GR 1, allow me to uninstall the RS and move on up to a higher level. thanks everyone else for there positive comments. just a thought though...... Remember when Ghost recon first came out? Not the screen shots etc but the game its self. How long did it take for us, as a community within these very forums, to get a handle on many aspects of the game? Between us Colin and I had probably less than an hour of hands on, we spent most of our time watching and talking. We where both mindful of the purpose of our visit. We knew that we were there as representatives of the playing community in all its guises. Bo was absolutely fantastic in his openness with us, however he was obviously under certain constraints as to what he could and could not say and do (even if he bent the rules a bit). Between what we saw and what we where told we have gathered a good overall first impression of the game and a great game it is! However, and here I am beginning to understand UBI a bit more, what I have soon discovered is how quickly facts get distorted in these threads, “might be†becomes “will beâ€, “I’m not sure†becomes “evasiveâ€. Some of the statements of “fact†that certain individuals seem to like to throw around amaze me, in fact we could have saved the expense and trouble of a visit and invited certain individuals to just make the report up on our behalf! Lets all just do three simple things: 1. Take a moment to reflect on how lucky we as a community have been to have the Grin team do such a great job and be so open with us in the process. 2. If you like the sound of the game, buy it when it comes out and be a proactive member of the community as we all start to learn the hidden depths of this great game. 3. If you don’t like the sound of the game now, wait and see what the majority think when it comes out. If Colin and I can give you factual info we will, if need be we will try going to a higher source BUT we are aware of the tight schedule that they are working to. From Colin Aswell. Thanks again for the positive feed back, cant wait to get this game on my hard drive!
  4. when modded (change to xml file) coop player numbers will increase, the safe number will depend on all the pc's abilities to cope as we understand it. as previously stated, the game is set on one big map, Mexico city and surrounding area. I also hope we get to see binos at some point
  5. we are both sure it was a no to both of those
  6. hard to count when you are dead but more than enough to give you a bad day out!
  7. If you need counseling, I'd be happy to lend a listening ear. ← well, thanks for the offer!
  8. you guys have no idea how easy you have it we all have to wait for the game, the hard part is that Colin and I know what we are waiting for and its killing me
  9. Sorry if it stank ← if it did it was the only thing you have given to us that does
  10. thanks for the thought desertranger as some of you have guessed we are just sorting final draught and you wont have long to wait and while I am here i just want to say a public thanks to Bo, (how many people will give you the shirt off their back!), UBI Razz and Manab
  11. ok, is it on or track we are Struggling with? Oh, and while we are here, does the forum title GRAW PC VERSION give any little clues as to the intended content of this forum? Walks of muttering to self
  12. 16 player coop is for 360. ← Wait, when was that announced? I thought it was still 4 there. ← 16 player co-op on Xbox 360 has been known for a while... read any of the co-op previews. I'm not sure about the PC version though, everything is still largely in the dark from what I know. ← I give up... I truely do ← yep, we know what we dont know! can we keep this on track? (by on track i mean opinions about the key issues or answers greatfully received from those who do know)
  13. thanks mate, was just about to try and do that
  14. oops missed this post whilst writing mine, talk about great minds!
  15. Hi, Firstly a big thank you to Bo for taking the time out to talk to us it is greatly appreciated by us all here As an avid MP coop player and team member of TEAM GRNET there are a few questions that I would like to ask Bo. Silent op posted the following: These questions really got me thinking, having played GR from the day it landed on the shelf up until the present day, my playing experience and preferences have moved through several phases culminating in my current preference of team based coop play against the AI in either tourney style missions or defend, fire fight etc. When I ask myself what has kept me here with the one game for all this time I come up with two core answers: Firstly, The sheer versatility of the game. This is where silent op’s question comes in; When I first started playing with the TI turned off it changed the nature of the game for me. Last night I played a coop defend on a map from the mod “Year of the monkey†After all this time I was again treated to a new, more immersive, experience in the game that I love. By removing all enemy AI from the command map including dead bodies, the experience again changed. Not knowing if an enemy was dead, or had gone to ground after an inconclusive contact further increased the degree of caution that I had to exert. I had to use my ears and eyes much more, confirming with team mates that we had all gone firm and the foot falls we could hear must be the enemy infiltrating our position. No more command map up reveals all! So, my first key point I love this game because it is so easy to play it the way that I like to play it either as a result of inbuilt toggleable options or easily modded content. More importantly, the next person can play the same game in a completely different fashion that suits their preferences for exactly the same reason. Therefore my first direct question: How much control will an individual or group of individuals have to tailor the game to their preferences? Secondly, Team based multi player coop. The ability for a group of like minded but geographically remote individuals to come together, form a close community, team or clan as the mood takes them and then train and work together to such a degree that they become a cohesive unit with genuine friendships developing outside of the game world. Last week in an MP coop mission a team mate was in trouble and under fire from a building and was able to make the simple request to his team mates “Contact Blue 3, suppress red Charlie 4†As a result of that request 6 other guns put fire into the 4th window in, on the third floor of the left hand side of the correct building with no further instructions. Coop play at its best So, my second key point: IMHO the best thing this game has going for it in game play terms, is the opportunity for a close knit group of team mates to spend hours together working as a team. Therefore my second direct question: When I pick my copy of GRAW of the shelf on the day of release, will I be limited to a coop team made up of myself and three others or will there be the option for a larger team of us to take on the AI in game types? Thanks in advance Zeroalpha Team GRNET
  16. if that is still on the dedi pm rocky or nyr to take it down
  17. NO! the story continues! if you only read the first bit you are missing out!
  18. Rooster, This may seem a little thing to some but personally I would like to offer a heart felt thanks
  19. 4 pages full of speculation about the PC version based on Xbox stuff? the PC version an Grin get the benifit of my doubt until PROVED otherwise
  20. Argyll, there doesnt happen to be a grassy knoll near that police station does there
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