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  1. We are running the game in Coop Mode and have new map installed (cool gaming with the new maps) you can join in and down load the new maps and stuff Via our website and forums @ Www.GamingNi.Com everyone is welcome, we also use TeamSpeak and you can again, download this Via our site, with connection info.
  2. Name: GamingNI (GNI) From: Northern Ireland General Language: English Homepage: www.GamingNi.Com GRAW 2 contact: Sickboy or BlastBase Voice Com: TeamSpeak XFire: None Other games: Whatever is going & GTA VC Servers: GRAWII (info at GamingNi.Com)
  3. Loving the game and just thought I would pop in and say we have a new server up-and-running. GamingNi.Com is where you can get all the info from. We dropped our COD4 for a GRAWII server (COD4 was getting so boring) Anyway pop in and say hello.
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