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  1. stronghold CAN be done with 4-5 people. 3 guys need to stay behind with the informant with automatic weapons. one or two guys needs to leave the compound and head to the 3rd tower, back on the far left. using 50 caliber sniper rifles, eliminating the 6-8 guys around the tower will complete that objective. meanwhile, the 3 guys with the informant must push him into the back room and hold the building at all cost while the two other guys finish off the other objectives. one the third tower is captured, the 2 snipers can look all the way across the back of the map and see 3-4 vehicles parked, including an ADAT, LAV and an armored car. using the 50 caliber sniper rifles, you can blow them all up before they have a chance to attack. once the vehicles are destroyed you can head over to tower 2 and eliminate the enemies. once this tower is cleared, a helicopter will appear. the 50 caliber sniper rifles can take down teh helicopter with a few shots. once the chopper is down, take out the final tower. then, regroup at the stronghold, take out a few more enemies and GET TO DA CHOPPA'! this map took me awhile to figure out, and once i did, it took 4-5 of us about 12 tries to do it. be sure to RELOAD EVERYTIME YOU SEE AN AMMO BOX. those 50 caliber sniper rifles dont hold much ammo, and are vital to taking down all the vehicles as quickly as possible. also, if one of the snipers clearing the towers dies, it can be achieved by one. if both go down, one of the guys in the stronghold can leave and attempt to pick up where they died, but needs thier rifle. communications among players is always a must in this game, but especially on this map!
  2. here is my dilemna... we have 10 guys in our clan. 2-3 of us simply CANNOT join the same room if its only the 2-3 of us. if some one else hosts, we can all join without any issue. weve tried invited, locating the rooms thru searches, and joining from the friends list. any ideas?
  3. hey guys, weve got 10 guys in our clan, OKTOBER GUARD. We get on around 2-3 times a week at 8p CST. we play the game seriously, with only one life and enjoy people who share our approach. we have a myspace page set up to post when we'll be on. check it out and look us up online! www.myspace.com/oktoberguard360 my ID is ZOMBIEGUIDE
  4. our clan has around 10 members. when we play campaigns, we run with 4-6 members typically. on depot, two of us go to the left and take out the ADAT and the camp and wait. the rest go to the right (much more resistance) and take out all the enemies. once all the enemies in view are down, a single hit from a grenade launcher will take out the fuel depot from a distance so you dont have to expose yourself planting a bomb on it. the two guys on the left watch the helicopter area thru scopes, and once the guards leave, then they move in and plant the tracker. pretty easy map once ya get the hang of it.
  5. hey guys! im new to this board, but a long time GRAW2 player. We currently have a clan of about 4-5 active players, and we're all friends in the 'real world'. However, we are always welcome to having other hardcore gamers join our group. We have a myspace page set up so we can post our playing schedules in advance, and typically play 3-4 times week, from 8pm till 11pm CST. if youd like to join up with us, all we ask is that you take the game seriously and we can all have a great time and get our achievements. we are all VERY team oriented and generally kick butt. www.myspace.com/oktoberguard360 for more details. feel free to join us tonight at 8pm cst, send me a friend request, my ID on Xbox is also "zombieguide" -john
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