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  1. 22nd SAS Regiment Clan have currently a custom map dedicated server which is available 24/7 Maps on their at the moment include:- All areTDM or HH Urban Conflict Groundstry Compound Castle Day (part of the TRR map pack) Grand Valley Southern Village Hacienda Day Embassy Open Water Works The Forest V4 The Bridge (small map based on the top of the dam) Quarry day Market The server is a limited life server 3 on TDM 5 on HH All are welcome, but please observe server rules
  2. I have found this line:- <end_round_message value="WWW.22SAS.NET"/> It puts the message on the score screen as below:-
  3. It sounds like you have done all the right things, but just to be sure it has to look something like this when you add a map on the dedicated xml Example:- <match_info level="hh_grand_valley" order="22"> </match_info> The way I normally do it to be on the safe side, is start my own server (on own pc)with the new maps i want, then copy the new map cycle from the game_info.xml to the dedicated_game_info.xml file. It is so easy to miss something when editing the xml file, if you miss a > or a " then it wont load. Good luck. Tay-uk
  4. Since I had seen this photo I have dreamed that someone would make this into a GRAW2 map, I have posted this here just incase our communities excellent modders out there after seeing this may also get the same dream. I know its wishful thinking, but I see the new maps getting better and better all the time.
  5. Thanks for the answer mate, no problem, my fellow clan buddies are all old and must have hearing aid problems, we look forward to your next project. Tay-uk
  6. Is it just me our has the pings on the multiplayer server list gone haywire, it now generally says all pings are ?, except the odd few.
  7. Hi Galor, Again a great looking map and as you say great for Snipers, but our member have found that the sounds are too loud and over powering, and as such many won't play the map. has anyone else commented the same? Tay-uk
  8. While in a game, press tab and look at your ping, if its over 200 regular then you will likely lag a little, if its say 350+ then you will have real problems, try to play in servers that you know are based close to where you live in the world. The further the server is based the higher the pings. Also wireless connections can cause lagging problems too. Good luck. i.e I am in UK, server is based in the UK and I have pings from 20-50 generally
  9. Name: 22nd SAS Regiment European Gaming Clan From: European General Language: English Homepage: http://www.the22ndsasclan.net GRAW 2 contact: Tay-uk Game Clan tags: _22SAS_ Voice Com: Ventrilo XFire: 22SAS Tay-uk (not used while on GRAW2, makes my game crash) Other games: COD4, BF2 BF2142, as well as others not clan specific like ArmA, Vegas 2, Trackmania, Eve Servers: (2) GRAW 2 servers, (2) COD4, (2) BF2 & (2) BF2142
  10. It happened to me too after updating nvidia drivers, to fix the problem I had to lower my windows screen resoultion from 1680x1050 to 1440x900, you can still play game on high res, but for some reason the windows desktop screen res would not let it load. But that was obviously not your particular problem.
  11. The 22nd SAS Regiment clan have banned a player called HITMAN. The video evidence is below. We also suspect he has a see through object hack too, but no evidence of that. He has been known for some time, but just managed to get video today. he now mainly hangs out on the Official servers since he thinks he cant get banned from them, so I hope he is wrong. I will soon be able to get his IP off our ban log if needed by anyone. Enjoy! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=05GB4aM5Obs
  12. No apologies necessary! I know (well can imagine) how difficult it is to create a new map, and these things can only be expected from time to time. Thanks for coming to our web site to post that the error had been corrected, its a great map and have died many times on it already, lol. Perhaps you could fix it for me to have extra armour on it? Thanks again, Tay-uk
  13. When I start the game with this new map, it comes up with a graw2 message box on the graw loading screen thats says " art_HI" then the options restart and resume, if i press restart the game crashes if i press resume it continues to load, never seen this message before, any ideas what may be causing it?
  14. Can I join? You sound like a great bunch of people, I hear you have around 130 fantastic members............um hang on. I am already in the clan.....................Brilliant, thought I was missing out on something for a moment.
  15. Since yesterday our dedicated server is down and we can't seem to get it back up, on the server it's self all looks fine the dos box is up and it says listening and waiting for connections, but it wont show on the multiplayer server list, we had also noticed the PGS server was down yesterday too, but thats back up again today, is this just coincidence or is there a problem not in our control??? And if there is, how would we ressolve it? We have re-created the dedi xml file, re-booted server, re-started the dedi exe a number of times and still no joy, has anyone any ideas? We are connecting to the server to make changes remotely so know the server itself is on line.
  16. I would have video'd it had I got a program to video a game, but regardless of that I saw him in our server, so I don't really need proof, If he ever gets the opportunity, and denies it, no problem, he's still banned from our server, all I'm doing is giving other peolpe a heads up on this guy, they can either use the information or not. Next time I'll be sure to have CCTV and a P.I. at hand to ensure I have a stead fast case, even then I'm sure they would escape the death penalty on a technicality.
  17. I have tonight banned a player called "Alpha-Shooters" from the 22nd SAS Regiment Clan dedi server for using a multi nade hack, he threw six nades in a row, and all while i was stood behind him, he had no weapon in his hands, but his hands were in a position as if they were holding binoculars. He even admitted that he was testing a program just moments before he was banned. I hope this is not the beginning of a new trend.
  18. We the 22nd SAS Clan run a limited life server, 3 lives on TDM, 5 on HH, we admin kill, kick spawn killers and rapers, we gently encorage players to play HH with friendly abuse if they forget it's HH. We don't approve of players who camp outside enemy spawn areas, we have no weapon restrictions. Feel free to give us a try. Server is normally active 7pm UK time onwards.
  19. After a bit of this and a bit of that and a lot of this I have worked it out for myself, thanks for all the replies Just add the following line in the Graw2 dedicted server settings xml file, which is in the settings folder, by opening using note pad or word pad. <message_of_the_day_interval value="180"/> The 180 is the time in seconds between the message appearing, so that can be changed to suit. The you can have server rules, web site info etc appearing automatically during the game
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