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  1. alrite thanks, yeh i have tried a new email address. do people still play graw 1 a lil or no.
  2. hi, after try all the graw versions on the pc illegally, i finally bought the original graw1 and will buy graw 2 in few days. i installed graw 1. fist question how does the pathing go, do i install paych v1.35 directly or do i go one by one. 2nd question whenever i try to log-in in the multiplayer section of graw 1, it says u must sign -in with your id or make new gamespy id. i put my old, i get a invalid pass error and if i try to create a new id its says invalid email. i need help and i'll thankful to any1 who resolves this issues. yes i am a new noob.
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