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  1. well me for one...cause if i come outta it alive atleast ill be a better player then when i started cause of the situations imposed upon the players involved
  2. well i dunno about you but i build custom computers for some of my customers on the side, i currently have 2 im building at the moment, most of my time has been spent getting updates and OS's installed ..beyond that point I am also my Clans TO for GR which stands for Technical officer,i help get people especially new commers to our clan , set up on the forum, in Ventrilo, in game and in our other squad affiliated programs, once finnished in or at that point i hafta send the reports back to my admin for their approval, Then after that real life starts for me ...i run a Custom fabrication shop ...anything from Brite metal work and Polish to Airbrush and fine finnish work...to Custom Anodizing and sheet metal work...I also build customers one of a kind serious Radio Controlled applications whether it be Nitro Electric or high end museum scale artifacts i do it all And when that job has no Draw i run a Small engine and repair shop of my own, my second Buisness that I own, as it is i Own 3 in total and do all my work the old fashined way..one customer at a time My 3rd buisness is Graphic designer i have 15 years as pressman and layout artist, 8 years in still life and color pixilation and screen printing,and 5 in corrections and layout designer and I touch base on nearly all aspects of my buisnesses each day........now i'm 37, own my own home free and clear (meaning its payed for )and havent had the luxury of working for someone else and collecting a check and being able to go home and play on the computer...i work from 2 shops, one across town and the other 50 feet from this desk Along with that i have bills to pay ...customers to chatt with and program files to load and upload and download for customers needs .......i spend nearly 16 hours a day at work...if im lucky i only spent 10 a day the rest i can put torwards gamming.....whatever is left over i train and train hard at being good at GR whether it by myself or with my clan But to answer your ? as to why and sign into a tourney with only a known week, Thats simple, We at the 5th Element train hard to be as good if not better then the Majority.....(that may sound arrogant) its not intended to but hey its 4am here where i am at and im too tired to calculate the risks involved in upsetting others, actually im hoping this'll draw some of the otherclans here out to Challenge us to a scrim or 2 as we do that as well, we pride ourselves on being Elite GR finatics... Most of us with 7-9 years exxspierence around each other most of my clan have their own partners and know how each other works and trusts that of our fellow mates both on the field and off...so you see Its simple really ...for us its about making a place for our clan to be recognized ...and to draw on the GR comunity to help and keep this GAME ALIVE and full of avid gamers both now and for future GR players As long as we have people like Thales and others who care enough to put out a great kick ### mod like this, You will find my clan there to support it nomatter what our individual work load is...we support both regular and dedicated players of the GR comminity ~5th~ Raijin TO GR
  3. HEY THALES I HAD AN EMAIL I SENT OUT LOOKING FOR A TEAM MATE WITH MY CONFIRMED TEAM MATE WIZZA AS A SECONDARY, i got a reply back on that email and now i have my partner am i able to change my partner to MG Death420 ~5th~ SSG Raijin ~5th~
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