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  1. Weel, never played single player i might try once, but for now i definitely stick with multiplayer. So, my old system was Athlon 64 x2 3800+ GF 7600 GT ,2GB RAM, would say that average FPS during online gaming was about 34 maybe slightly less or more. (deathmatch) but my suggestion, buy a new PC.Then you can fully enjoy GRAW2.
  2. Don't be surprised,because those ,,packages,, are always UP to certain megabytes (or megabites,damn, don't remember.)which is, let's say, you have choosen connection ,,up to 8 mb,, but actually you manage to achieve around 5 mb, and you can't do anything.It is affected how far are you from exchange station, how many people share that line to the exchange station, the time when everybody is watching porn :-D etc.So i don't think that the change of ,,package,, could help.Another provider maybe.
  3. Yes, you are right, i have seen him yesterday on one of public servers (cooperative), throwing plenty of grenades from GL, speed hack as well. God knows what else.
  4. Hi Drot I need to point out, there are guys, excellent players, it is very difficult to defeat them, they ussualy fight over all map. Those i accept, however sometimes i doubt, especially i watch them the way they fight.They seem to be bulletproof My main concern is about M99 snipers in ,,nowhere,, location i described in my previous reply. I never forget one of my first games, where i finally managed to kill two guys at the same time by grenade.It was in Lagoon, and i achieved great score 2:1 Damn,i have to go to work.
  5. Not even in your face, usually somewhere around you M99 heroes sitting in bottom corner of the map (i am talking about ,,nowhere,, ) and killing fighting guys at the ghat, this is i think quiet stupid, because you can not do nothing i would not like to make my score like that.
  6. damn,i have totally forgotten there is something called Vista I am on XP.
  7. Go to the settings - profiles - choose your profile - and then ,, savegames,,
  8. You will find some, but you have to use Xfire (for example) and i think all of them require mods or expansion packs (Desert Siege,Ghost Thunder = mp1,mp2) But that is what you probably know.
  9. well,there is nothing i can do then:)
  10. Yep, another concern for MR-C , i think that some guys know, how to make gun stable whilst shooting on full automatic mode. Basically, some guys are prety fast, comes from the corner, shoots you down, before you actually realise what is going on
  11. Is there any way, how to watch my own statistics, something similar as it is here :, i dont know if it is watching all servers i am using.
  12. I am usually playing on ,,DR vs all ,, server , last couple of days i have experienced ,, Server closed connection,, notification, i went back to menu and connected back to the same server and was playing again without problems.
  13. Have been thinking about that armor.Lag- is it a ping?It is just too suspicious sometimes, to see gigantic score, and then you have oportunity to kill that person, which actually seems to be immortal at that moment However, more training and less moaning
  14. I just have finished multiplayer, and noticed quiet strange matter.We were playing at Arroyo and i killed one of the best guys there,but what was actually strange , i was shooting him at the back, i needed at least 10 bullets to get him down, well, were not single shots, but he was not more than 3 meters from me. I still would not think about it too much,if it would not happen with another player, one with good statistics as well. Gun = MR-C. It is maybe hallutination or what,but who knows
  15. than you have to choose another rifle As i wass playing a couple of missions, i never noticed it too much.
  16. Athlon x2 64 3800+ GF 7600 GT DDR3 256 Mb 2Gb DDR2 5400 resolution 1152*864 GPU overclocked 600/735 MHZ Sometimes really struggling,but still playable enough.
  17. Do you mean the game does not run at high details nor generally? (regarding configuration of PC) Download and run Fraps, post how many ,,fps,, it achieves.
  18. I have seen speedhackers today, i was playing one of the public servers, but i remember only one name of them, -THC- Vendetta is his name.I do not know, what makes him happy to use cheats.If anyone of you will see him,do me a favor - shoot him in between eyes
  19. Waw, what program have you used,Brettzies?
  20. One against another?Yes,just to see if it will work But how to set it up?Are you going to create a server and then i have to add your IP,is not it like that?
  21. Thanks,but i did it as soon as i installed the game,then i founded out,that the game does not browse servers,you have to do it manually,type IP of server and add:-D I have Xfire, it finds servers, but those require so many mods, but almost all of them mp1 and mp2 which are not mods , but expansion packs (see dannik topic) I can not believe it
  22. I tought it,but was not sure.Does it mean, that Ghost Recon is impossible to play as multiplayer?I mean there are not any servers.Would like to try it
  23. Cant find any of this mods i would like to get Ghost Recon multyplayer working, this mods are required almost everywhere. Does any public server for multiplayer exist?
  24. I founded this, http://www.starpulse.com/Video_Games/Ghost_Recon/Pictures/
  25. Ok, you're right, that is really different case, if there are two teams fighting for total victory,if i can say like that.I just pointed out, what i think about this common TDM, where everybody is fighting on his own.I sometimes think,what is it all about to have score 27-18,for example.People sometimes miss the whole purpose of certain kind of game as you mention HH.Everybody has got internet, Pc as well, everybody wants to play, here is the outcam P.S. lets go to play a bit:-D
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