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  1. Same here. Just got done talking with the AGB members (yes we are still very active) and hope that this will be much better than the last. Some of them are now all taking a break from Battlefield and trying The Division. The one aspect of this potential game is if it has modding capabilities. All of the great long lasting games have the ability for the fans to enhance the playing experience for the community in a non-cheating way. Fingers Crossed!!
  2. Great work as always, Biro! Heck, I may just have to reinstall GRAW2 to try it out. Farm Day was one of my favorite maps for OGR.
  3. If only our dreams of Groundbranch being released this year were to happen, we would forget there ever was a GRFS
  4. Funny you should say this. Last night, AGB while getting ready for BF3, compared the worldwide online counter for both GRFS and BF3. We found that at the time we checked (Friday night, aprox 9:00 pm EST): - GRFS had 288 PC users, 3,200 + Playstation & aprox 4,500 XBox - BF3 had 24,000+ PC users and aprox 40,000 +/- for each the PS3 & Xbox. So really, console users still are not really playing GRFS as compared to one of the competitors.
  5. LOL - I found your post very funny and ironic that even their surveys require patches as the original release was buggy Double checked by inbox and spam folder and I did not receive the survey. It is interesting to see that while the Ubi forums for the PC version of GRFS are riddled with rage posts, the console forums have nothing but praise. I understand that this is obviously due to the attention for the console versions versus the console port, but still it was just an observation that when working this would have been a great game on PC. Note, I am still one of the ones who cannot play without crashing and feel really disenfranchised... I cannot even imagine how you feel, Rocky.
  6. No changes for me - just tried the multiplayer an had the same connection errors and made it in only 2 games within an hour, both glitched so bad I was disconnected before they even finished. I'm not one to jump on the negative bandwagon, but this game to me marks the end of GR or investing time in extending the play. BTW, I bought GRAW1 & GRAW2 on opening day and didn't have these types of issues with multiplayer. I remember GRAW1 had some lagginess to it, but was quickly resolved. Expecting to see more comments withint the GRFS forums, but after the many issues, I can see that this may have been abandonded by many. Even at our AGB gaming community, there were only 4 of us who purchased the game with the rest waiting to see our results. Obviously, the rest of the team didn't purchase. We'll see over time if this game is savable - hey, it happened to GRAW2 )
  7. Any kind of exploding farm animals are always fun. Just remembering the old "Top Secret" movie from the 80s where Val Kilmer disguised himself as a cow. Great Pic, Riley.
  8. Could never flame you, Papa6! Would agree with nearly everything you stated about being immersed in the game and the excitement generated by the community. GRFS does seem too much like a port to be able to adapt a modding community around it, but I'm not giving up hope just yet. Once we figure out how to decompress the Yeti.BIG files, I bet we can modify closer to our PC standards. Or better yet, I sat through all 40 minutes of the credits and there has to be at least one disgruntled employee that would be willing to share some of the insider tools used to design the mission
  9. Very slick ) Always love the homages! What you need now are exploding cattle ...
  10. I believe it is in the "sb_server_settings.xml" file that will be on your server. It has been quite a while since I've done any of this - I cannot even get the game to work anymore to test (new PC with an NVidia 580 - oi). But hopefully this is helpful.
  11. There was a server-side configuration file that you could adjust to remove the blue diamonds without individually changing the maps, I just cannot remember where. Viper714 was able to do this on the AGB Barking Spider server and perhaps Rahnman who did quite a bit of server adjusting. Just found it: - Will be in your "gametype_settings" under "world_info". You will want to modify the "has_tag_system" with a value="false"
  12. Played three Campaign Maps tonight with two of us coop'ing and two AI players on Elite without any issues. Worked very well and functions just like the standard SP Campaign.
  13. Hard to get past wave 6 by yourself. VShagios and I were able to get up to 11 as a team of two. Would hate to see what 50 is like ) I can certainly see where 4 people coordinating on TS or Vent is a must.
  14. I've noticed that with my graphics turned highest on all settings except for vSync (causes some movement delay) and motion blur (annoying to my brain) that my graphics are better than the 360 screenshots. Looking at the video from the other post by OriginalPrey with the HD7770, the user above may have just the default standards set. I actually really like the graphics and hope to be able to get a 1st person view vs OTS at some point. I think you are up to 4 posts today ... pace yourself, Dude ...
  15. Took me a few times, but found that using a volley of mortars from the drone nailed it instanly. This being that the heli didn't move, so it was easy to take down this way. Hope this helps.
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