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  1. Has anyone else having issue's with the Iron sights on the Mk-14. Or is it that you always have to use a scope?
  2. I'm still having trouble with the alpha channel I add it to the list of channels but in the game it is still chrome.
  3. In photoshop I don't know how to edit the alpha channel how do I do that so in the game the skin appears?
  4. What is the alpha channel and where is it in gimp and how do I make it darker?
  5. I'm trying to skin a weapon and when I play the game the gun is chrome and my texture is not there. How do I make it where the texture shows up and not show up as a chrome gun?
  6. At Certain times of the day..like 9:00 AM my time I can join a game, and start playing then it disconnects me from the server. Could it be my internet connection instead of my firewall?
  7. I tried disabling the McAfee Firewall and nothing happened still doesn't work. The ports that are witten in the readme do they all need to be opened, because I only have one open right now.
  8. I have Windows XP, and a Netgear Router, McAfee for my firewall.
  9. I am having connection problems with GRAW 2 multiplayer I can log in and join games, but when I join games it just sits a the connecting to server screen . I have read the readme and opened the ports that it says to open but it still doesn't work. My dad and I have been trying all weekend to get it working so I could play multiplayer.
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