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  1. hey guys just letting u know, i got my copy buffered or what ever at my local video shop n now it works fine again :)
  2. 1. It's available off Play-Asia.com 2. UK is PAL just like Australia so its PERFECT for me 3. if you had've read more closely my GRAW2 disc is stuffed and i don't have all DLC n need a replacement 4.it works out cheaper and easier for me than calling UBI in America for a new copy that could take months to arrive when Play-Asia will take a week to get from Asia to Australia.
  3. Anyone got an idea what month it will be released? Does it come out with ALL the DLC on it including the newest 400 point one? Will it retail for more or the same price as GRAW2? I'm looking at getting it as my GRAW2 is stuffed when it comes to MP and it will b cheaper and ALOT easier to get it from play-asia for AUS$50 then get a replacement copy of GRAW2 sent to me and then buy the DLC that i don't have.
  4. thanks kimi but lol um im in australia will they still send it? like will i be given a PAL version not NTSC? and is that $15 AUSD or USD? n lol does that price include postage?
  5. hey guys im just wanna know is another patch gonna be released to fix this problem? and were ppl getting the green screen with that user kit problem? i really really wanna get the 2 co-op packs in the next week or so and i'm scared that my game still won't work if i get them :S **EDIT** i've just had a look at the disc n noticed a scratch going about 3cms from the outside towards the inside, could that be whats stuffing up the MP? but if thats the case shouldn't the game not work at all? Although the game does sometimes freeze completely before loading even the ubi intro screen! Could that be whats giving me the green screen? hmmm i might have to get a new one
  6. Hey guys here is what happens.... ...sometimes as soon as i put GRAW2 in the xbox and it's loading up from the very start before you press the "start" button it freezes on a black screen! i've noticed i sometimes get a green screen that will go away after pressing start when the game is first loading near the UBI intro screen. SP works fine, but as soon as i select MP it goes to a black screen n freezes on me as soon as i select MP. I've been playing COD4 for months but use to play GRAW2 non-stop, and i only just started playing again after the DLC came out (which i don't have) and now MP won't work at all! I've noticed that the new GRAW2 achievements aren't in my achievement list either, did they come with the patch or with the DLC? This is really annoyin as a diehard GR fan i was really looking forward to getting the classic maps from my fav version of GR and now i don't know whether i should try purchase the co-op collection n see if it makes my game work or if it does nothing .
  7. yeah i've downloaded the latest patch i suppose, i cleared the cahce on the 360 so i had to re-downloaded patches n downloaded one after friday so i guess thats right. n yeah MP still freezes whilst im online, when im offline i can get into MP, very weird.
  8. rgr no result for me, the game is still freezing on MP like before! I don't know how this has happened when the game worked almost perfectly before the DLC came out . i sure as hell hope another patch comes out to fix this. i noticed the loading symbol u know that circle with the arrow doesn't move anymore even for SP. If this problem isn't fixed then im not gonna get the DLC n will even have to get rid of GRAW2 if i can't play MP which is a huge shame as its my most played game!
  9. what a load of crap, i haven't even downloaded the new maps all i've downloaded is the more guns pack and now MP is CONSTANTLY freezing on me! i click on "Multiplayer" to try get in n it freezes whilst loading that section of GRAW2. To say its the custom kits is a load of crap as i have none. And also amazingly i was able to get into the MP section whilst my 360 was disconnected and it worked fine, so its obviously an online thing or i was just lucky that one time. this is driving me up the wall as i've been playing COD4 non-stop for months n want to get back into GRAW2 my first love
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