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  1. Hi, I was wondering where you are at with this and what you need to complete it. Are you looking for a HTML form for a script or a stylized front page for a website... I believe I may be able to help or even offer another solution. Shout me back. DM
  2. INTERACTIVITY Interactivity with MISSION ASSETS.. what do I mean by that... The ability to call in or have assets available on the fly throughout your mission... Imagine calling in for... - a tank that is already in the sector to take out some armour or even a building.... - a jet or gunship to clear out some infantry that has you pinned down - may need to call in a airstrike or artillery to level a shanty town.... All are available as scripted events in GRAW 1 & 2. and to some extent in [GR]. But not on call as an available resource like... dare I say ARMA or even COD4. This would be an awesome assets to add to [GR 4]. DeathMerchant
  3. GR:AW Specialists, We, the USVN, are looking for mature players who love all things Ghost Recon. We play GR, GR:AW1 and GR:AW2 and are damn proud of it. GR:AW is the game we are playing extensively and we need some new players to join our ranks. We are experienced players who play extended scenario based warfare, we play out [GR] missions in coop multiplayer as well as planned adversarial skirmishes. Because we are interested in all types of skill levels ( as long as you have a mature attitude ) we have been around for a long time. Building better FPS combat gamers through skills training, tactics and teamwork focused game play. Interested in modding or building custom maps... we got a place for you, we routinely craft custom mission scenarios that play out within exsisting GR game formats, custom game formats and on custom maps.. so if you are looking for that kinda stuff. We are looking for you. Just wanna shoot and have fun... we are looking for you too. Look for the USVN online, we are recruiting or send me an email: deathmerc at usvn.net or visit our website at www.usvn.net CMCPO DeathMerchant USVN, SPECWAR Commander
  4. Hi Guys, This may be an old issue, so please forgive me. I am having a GR COOP Mission run through tomorrow with the clan. I have loaded CENTCOM v1.0 with CENTCOM -Remixed maps on my GR server, the exact same versions of CENTCOM with CENTCOM -Remixed is on my gaming machine when I connect via LAN or Internet..... (these are 2 different XP machines & 2 different LEGAL and updated copies of GR1) I get this error; The server is running the following modification which you do not have installed: Centcom Mod v1.0 Centcom Mod Team http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/ - If I run CENTCOM from my game machine as a server... the members have no problem connecting to it. Has anyone encountered this before, do you have a solution or idea what it could be? Any help would be appreciated. Death Merchant USVN
  5. Name: USVN From: Multinational General Language: English Homepage: http://www.usvn.net GRAW 2 contact: DeathMerc USVN Email: deathmerc@usvn.net Voice Com: Ventrilo & Team Speak XFire: deathmerc39 Other games: GR:AW, GR1, ARMA, America's Army, R6 Lockdown, R6 Raven Shield (Athena & Iron Wrath) Servers: none at this time We are rebuilding our ranks, we are always looking for mature players who love the GR games. We often run structured as well as random/custom coop mission nights playing GR1, GR:AW, GR:AW2 & ArmA - sometimes we run the R6 series as well. Give us a shout - DM
  6. USVN, We got the training download...I'll pass it on to the squaddies Cheers DeathMerchant USVN
  7. Hey all, WOW... What a turn out, this is a genuine Ghost Recon1 revival... If you will allow me, I would like to add another 2 man sniper team; Cowboy USVN Possibly; OneShot USVN if he is unavailable we will confirm the player before the start. Hope that is ok. Thanks for keepin' the dream alive.... DeathMerchant USVN Check us out at www.usvn.net, we try to host regular GR mission nights....
  8. SWEET. Count the USVN, We are rebuilding our Seals Teams from the ground up, so right now we can field 2 operatives for this tourney. Players: DeathMerchant USVN Cobra USVN Look forward to the mission files. Cheers and thanks for keeping the dream alive.... DM
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