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  1. I'm trying to host a 26 client server but heres my problem. How good does the server's processor have to be to host for this game? I tried hosting on my old 2.4ghz P4 and with just a few clients it maxed cpu usage! Also what are the bandwidth requirements? I have about 1.3 Mbps upload and if thats not good enough then all I have to say is what the hell where the devs thinking? I can host a 32 client CS:S server with that same P4 and this bandwidth so I hope I'm doing something wrong...
  2. Wow this brings relief... I couldn't figure out why I couldn't connect to my new server today. I thought maybe I needed 2 cd-keys or something because I was getting this connection problem. I came on here to find any information on that and I come across this thread and it seems like you guys are having the same troubles. Saved me some gas money.
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