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  1. Well, whatever the reason, it sucks. A great game that could far exceed the original GR, if the guys with all the modding talent would just produce some. I think this would produce a whole new following.
  2. I know I'm probably going to show my ignorance, because there must be some valid reason why no SP missions have been developed by all you great guys out there who have the ability to do so. So would someone please give me the reason(s). I enjoy SP missions and do not do multiplayer; that obviously limits (to a very great extent) my pleasure of playing this find game.
  3. I have all patches installed and Brettzies Weapons Mod v1.41. Everything works fine except the M203 grenade launcher. Instead of having 4 grenades there is only 1, rendering this add-on all but useless. Is there a fix for this? If so, would someone please tell me what to do to correct this problem. [Merged with your original thread about this]
  4. Would someone be kind enough to instruct me how to correct the M203 grenade launcher so it has 4 grenades (like it use to) instead of 1.
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