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  1. We still waiting the 2º place... You don't have any stuff to erase us that way!!!
  2. 1.- kill 5 guys at beginning 2.- kill guy in machine gun in the midle 3.- go for Milard by killing the 2 guys in the trees... 4.- shoot the window 5.- run like crazy towards the lake... 6.-kill guy on turret and the 2 fellas that are with him 7.- send spotter out to take out unaware snipers 8.-kill the guys onradar station 9.- run like hell and complete the rest...xD 10.- win misison
  3. i feel owned by people... we had second place and got kicked out by unproved accusations... that sucks and i really lost every oounce of trust on the way things are checked and evaluated...
  4. Actually, we have 1000 points so, we are on 2º place... I really don't like this, guys. So what? only 1 team have some points on the last map... and you said that if we can't complete the last map, we will have 0 points, not be erased from the tournament! We have 0 points on the last map, but we still having the other 1000 Now you are saying that we haven't sended the reps of map 1 and 2 of mission 3, but I sended it to Lighty via Xfire! Juba have screenshots and the reps... Hes gonna cry xD
  5. STOP STOP STOP!!! why did u guys erase AMU 1 from the table??? We gave Lighty both replays of map 1 and 2 of third mission but we couldnt give last map in because of technical problems... So we should at least get the 200 pts we got on map 1 and 2 (mission 3) even though we get 0 pts for map 3. we sent all replays during the weekend, but they didnt reach destination from what Juba told me All the other maps we get full score, so, use maths.
  6. may ia sk why the heck did u people erase AMU team 1 from the list?!
  7. of course ull have a max point team... US!!! xD long life to AMU team 1
  8. 9 missions? or 9 maps??? xP 9 missions wouolod be real awesome !!!
  9. cause till now juba and me have 100 on every single map... and i dont think that we´re one of a kind...
  10. lol but i wonder how are we going to decide whos number 1?? i mean in case that 3 or more teams achieve max points on all maps???
  11. ty i knew it was the best casue i thought bout it... has worked on all missions till now... except map2 M2... those tangos use ret lock and names im sure of it...the guys head blows up but then it rains grenades on me... but i have a question: how many people can i kill before i lose the stealth bonus??? i know its between 4-10 tangos... but just to be sure...
  12. well... our teams plan was like this: since my computer lags like **** y was gonna be sniper... id get under some bush, wait for the shot and kill everyone very concealed... then id run for my life, while Juba goes in and steals everythin he can carry then i would go back him up... i just hope he doesnt TK me like on second map of M2... xD i took my shot from behind a vehicle... and when the tangos came running for me i ran towards Juba and the little brat shot me rofl... so much for a team mate jajajaj
  13. AMU team 1 100 Points on training, and all 3 maps on first mission !!!
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