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  1. run longer - extreme conditioning shoot better from hip - steady aim
  2. dude they are only good on close maps like lets say vacant/shipment on COD4 and courtyard, dome and maybe asylum on COD5. If your a more than like 10ft away your screwed.
  3. omg how have i not read this before. LMMFAO! brilliant! hahaha my little pwnied! luv it!!!!!!
  4. bring ur napkins, your about 2 get served abt 10pm.
  5. lol sounds good that claymore mod tink, not sure about the other thing though
  6. Tinker - u dog! u had my number last night. Well played that man. Good games all anyway. Sorry for opfor/spetznas TS channel to put up with my colorful language again.
  7. roll on 2nyt with the new rules! be on abt half 8 ish.
  8. i got in 4 abit las nyt, gun had like 7 bullets in so i had 2 keep reloadin, got bored and went back to 4
  9. i got that error but that fix didnt work for me. Have you got vista or xp ?
  10. Will do my best 2 make it. Be about 10ish after seein the mrs.
  11. seems like the wrong context 2 use it in tho. I know I was "in the house" so why would he need 2 tell me I was? confused.
  12. Il be there, probably just after 10 ish.
  13. I got boned las nyt, hope 4 an improvement later
  14. yep roll on 2nyt, Zebb - im only playin if u get rid of that pea shooter
  15. Yup, i still play a fair bit aswell. Would even give GRAW1 a blast 2.
  16. You wont be disappointed. Especially if you get yourself on teamspeak aswell and meet the other players.
  17. hehehe, good times. Im going to to Harpenden for the weekend so have fun 2nyt all. Make sure you knock Slain down a few pegs.
  18. Yer i got on late 2 but had some good games. Thanks Rocky for the TK in sudden death
  19. oh yeh 4got about that 1. hehe bloody lag. I was that nailed i can barely remember.
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