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  1. run longer - extreme conditioning shoot better from hip - steady aim
  2. dude they are only good on close maps like lets say vacant/shipment on COD4 and courtyard, dome and maybe asylum on COD5. If your a more than like 10ft away your screwed.
  3. omg how have i not read this before. LMMFAO! brilliant! hahaha my little pwnied! luv it!!!!!!
  4. bring ur napkins, your about 2 get served abt 10pm.
  5. lol sounds good that claymore mod tink, not sure about the other thing though
  6. Tinker - u dog! u had my number last night. Well played that man. Good games all anyway. Sorry for opfor/spetznas TS channel to put up with my colorful language again.
  7. roll on 2nyt with the new rules! be on abt half 8 ish.
  8. i got in 4 abit las nyt, gun had like 7 bullets in so i had 2 keep reloadin, got bored and went back to 4
  9. i got that error but that fix didnt work for me. Have you got vista or xp ?
  10. Will do my best 2 make it. Be about 10ish after seein the mrs.
  11. seems like the wrong context 2 use it in tho. I know I was "in the house" so why would he need 2 tell me I was? confused.
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