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  1. thanks guys.. I'll try it all! holler at you guys if everything works out fine.
  2. I have a desktop pc, Intel core 2 duo 1.86 ghz, 1 g RAM, GeForce 7300 GS. The game always crashes. I run the game at the low profile, 800 x 600, all settings in low! Still the game won't reach the level of speed I wish to have. what should I do? I already Installed NVIDIA's latest forceware because some people say that it'll help. But what would be the best thing to do? The material detection of GRAW2 says that my cpu's frequency is 1866, the recommended mhz is 2000, pentium 3 or higher. How is that possible? PLEASE HELP ME. [second Thread Merged with your original one, Please try to stick to one thread per issue]
  3. I'm currently using Intel core 2 duo 1.86ghz, GeForce 7300 gs, 1 g RAM. But the material detection of GR2 says that i didn't cope up with the minimum requirements. I only have 1866 MHZ in my pc and the minimum is 2000. what is the best thing to do? I only started playing the game, I'm currently on act 2, then the game crashes. everytime! please help me..
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