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  1. By goodies, I was referring to thermal vision. I don't know a whole lot about SF, but if you have weapons that can penetrate cover effectively, wouldn't thermal vision add a new layer of tactical depth?

    I know everyone has different opinions, and with ll the great stuff I hear about [GR], I might go out and buy it. My only point with this thread is GRIN is not failing completely. Yes they could seriously rework the current system to be more like [GR], but don't people wan't innovation nowdays?

    I'm probably going to play the original and then open up a new discussion. I understand what your saying. By giving the player his objectives and dropping him on a large map with multiple paths, you enhance the replayability of the game. I honestly don't think GRIN is doing that bad of a job. They tried to add more depth with a choice of insertions for each mission. Unfortunately, these usually just change how you start the mission, and then it merges into a linear path. From all the stuff I hear about [GR], it sounds like it kicks some serious ass.

  2. Thanks. I'm curious as to why the console version gets all the goodies that would be nice for PC gamers. Also, is it possible to create all new maps for GRAW 2. If it was, an experienced member could help in creating larger maps with more tactical depth. Another question, were the missions in [GR] like Get me Rosen, and Recon in Force, or were they even larger with more planning required?

  3. No...why?

    Anyway, I see your points, and I myself am new to Tactical Shooters. I was particularly annoyed when I played the first GRAW because there were no smoke grenades, which would have been useful against machine-gun nests. They add them into the second game, but where's the thermal vision that was in the trailer. In short, yes there are probably more tactical games out there that are way more realistic or open-ended and I have yet to play them. Another point...I know nearly squat about ballistics, but shouldn't more weapons penetrate cover besides the M99? Another question, who developed [GR]?

  4. I'm pretty new to the forums and as I was sifting through the threads, I was shocked to find multiple posts more than a page long each criticizing the game for it's lack of tactical depth.

    Now I've never ever played the [Ghost Recon] or the console versions of GRAW 1&2, and I totally agree. Most of the missions in GRAW 2 have two different insertions and beyond that it's a straight line through the mission. The only difference between the insertions is stealth or assault, stealth usually always ruined by a scripted event. But there are exceptions. In Search and Destroy (Mission 2) The beginning of the mission is a path through the canyon, but once you reach the camp you have more options. They're not massive differences, but you have a choice of how you want to tackle the mission. ANother example is Get Me Rosen. You have two different insertions that are more varied than the other missions, a large map, and your objectives. There are downsides though, as the cliff offers the best position to command your troops and pick off the enemy. Besides, once you get inside the camp, it's basically the same, but there's some tactical depth there. In my opinon GRAW is more tactical than GRAW 2, and we all know from playing the first GRAW that the Recon part is nopt exactly the same. Who cares, they're special forces and there will probably be a time where Stealth is not an option. I know GRAW 2 is not very tactical, but give it a chance. With a few more missions like the two examples and more customization GRAW 3 can be the best in the series.

  5. PhysX cards have come down quite a bit recently. If you have a PCI slot available it's not a bad purchase. I got mine for $80. Plus, PhysX allows a more massive scale of Physics. With a PhysX card, I experienced no laggy explosions, and nearly no FPS hit. Before and After benchmarks revealed roughly a ten frame drop in FPS from 55 on my rig to 43-47 FPS. Overall, I think PhysX is worth it...

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