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  1. Besides, the enemy could intercept messages sent so rapidly with the right equipment, correct?
  2. Honestly, I could care less but, wouldn't thermal vision be more realistic?
  3. That's weird. I have a GeForce 7600 GS and it never crashed on me, all versions. It isn't turbocache though, and I have two gigs of ram.
  4. If they already have three, wouldn't be easy to just script a few more?
  5. IFF removes the tension to some degree because you know what's coming. As for NARCOM, I think it's a step towards scripted events, but it guides you through a mission. Are you saying just plain audio feed would be better? I don't care much for the breifings, and the general telling you what you already know, but parts like when Bravo Team is disabling the nukes, logically they would report in on the situation so you and the general knows what's going on. right?
  6. So why did they drop you in the middle of the bridge? Couldn't they just drop you behind the border station?
  7. I don't play multiplayer so all these new bugs have no effect on me. I did have a question however, are the two new weapons available in the sp campaign as well or is it MP-exclusive?
  8. We've been over this before. The AI isn't the greatest...
  9. I see tons of maps get created all over the web for GRAW 2. Would it be possible for someone with more knowledge in scripting to take initiative and create more tactical SP missions for us? Heck, I just might do it myself if someone makes the maps...
  10. It's called HOPE people. I know there's something you would like added. Speak up!
  11. The problem for me was keeping my buddies alive. They came down from the chopper and stood there until they were a jumbled mess of jello.
  12. I've only played GRAW and GRAW 2, but with my playtime with other tactical shooters and reading magazines, I decided on some things that would be nice for GRAW 3 (If anyone ever buys it. I doubt it will happen with EndWar coming around ) First, I would like to see more weapons be able to penetrate effectively AND have Thermal Vision added to the game. This would add a new layer of tactical thinking to the game. Plus it would be pretty cool to blast a guy through the floorboard of a building . Next I would like to have a customization menu where you could decide what you looked like. Choose from multiple uniforms, hats, glasses, skin tone, facial hair, everything. It wouldn't really help the series be more tactical, but it would be cool to have. Though it also most likely will not happen, Interior combat and destructible enviroments would help make the game more intense, tactical, and cool. If you run into an enemy stronghold, rather than going inside and fighting you could place C-4 on the supports and blow them sky-high! Everyone of course wants larger maps, no narcom, and more ways to beat a mission. I want that, plus randomized enemy positions. You might run into a tank or Helicopter that wasn't in the mission the first time you played it.
  13. I have no idea what the different calibers of bullets are except that they refer to size, right? I was curious, if someone could give me a list of different caliber rounds in order of smallest to largest?
  14. So in [GR] you were just nobody? You know just the guy you play as no named character?
  15. Honestly, I don't know how far back Mitchell goes with the Ghosts, but I could care less what had happened to him. Even if he died, you would want to look forward to a better game with a newer protagonist. If they want to keep Mitchell fine, but EndWar doesn't look particularly exciting to me.
  16. Also does anyone know which game PS2 vs. Xbox is more tactical?
  17. I have a question though. Wouldn't a SF squad be on a much larger scale? Shouldn't the Ghosts have 6-8, or even 12-man squads? Also, in the article, it says the Osprey would mainly be delivering supplies. Couldn't the Ghosts use an Osprey as a Supply Vessel?
  18. I've never played Multiplayer, so I can't comment on it. As for the Futuristic HUD, I think it was mainly an excuse to put the crossair and stuff onscreen. And finally, I do see what your saying. I was annoyed when I gave my men a ZEUS and told them to take out the tank or helicopter they fired at it with their primary gun, they can't even set C-4.
  19. I was also annoyed that the AI was too stupid to attack tanks and Heli's. I gave each of my men a ZEUS, and when I gave the attack order on a vehicle they either stood there, said "No can do.", or fired at it with their gun.
  20. Okay thanks. I've played the Xbox version once for a mission and it seemed different than the PS2 versions. Unfortunately, the PS2 version is extremely linear. Thanks anyway...
  21. Well. Thanks for the chat. You put a game on my radar and helped me see things slightly differently than before. I'll be sure to try out [GR].
  22. I recently rented the PS2 version of GR2 and despite being immensely disappointed with the game in general, I was wondering if the campaign is different in the Xbox version...
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