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  1. oh man, ACES!? If you guys and gals are looking for any cool Sim games or similar abandon/freewares go to:http://www.the-underdogs.info/. they have just about anything you could wanna get your hands on, even the most classic sim of them all: Oregon Trailâ„¢
  2. Wow...i was really hoping it would be a cool addition to the GR series but it appears it's just more of that "viral" marketing that we've come to expect from the franchise. It's a distant hope, but i would like to see it turn out like Jane's Apache LongBow Sim, or at least, like Gunship; sadly enough however, i feel it will be the R6: Lockdown of flight games.
  3. that happened to me once, while i was hitting my ecksbocksâ„¢ for being a jerk---it started smoking and making funny noises. i knew it was doing this on purpose; so flustered was i----that the next logical step would be to pour OLDE ENGLISHâ„¢ on it. So i did! now my ecksbocksâ„¢ has a fresh piney smell that reminds me oh so much of when i was a young boyâ„¢ living in eng-land (pronounced: ANG-LANDâ„¢) and it doesn't work. So remember: do not pour OLDE ENGLISHâ„¢ on your ecksbocksâ„¢ for it will not fix that stupid game problem you are experiencing (+50 XP) your friend, and faithful companion SolidSnacksâ„¢
  4. yeah, i'd definitely recommend using a VGA cable if you're unwilling to buy an hdtv or something similar. i grabbed one a couple of weeks ago and hooked my 360 to it and the difference is huge. i even went from a 21" tv to a 13/15" monitor and it still looked much better than what i was playing on.
  5. when you know the difference, it's hard to say that it is adequate on an sdtv. when i switched from an sd to an hd, i noticed a dramatic difference; like: you can actually determine depth and dimension on a hd, but on an sd---it becomes this amorphous flat image where you're trying to determine targets from pixels.
  6. i'm definitely up for this. give me a holler on XBL, my tag is AesNihil
  7. i don't think adding a shotgun is a bad idea. it would be great on maps like aftermath and ghost village. maybe have two types, one with slugs, and the other with shot. they wouldn't be useful on big maps like caves but neither is the SR-3. heck, have one with a 2X scope and then it'll be usable for medium engagements
  8. i've been searching around for dicussion regarding map tactics and figured i'd start this thread. i'm pretty open to anything discussed like: hiding beneath trees, inside of bushes, behind rocks and/or similarly impenetrable surfaces ie; am/fm radios, wagon wheels, palm fronds. And also the use of team tactics, how they are employed and how you co-ordinate with team members. referencing map overheads might be a bit confusing but it could help when discussing particular plans and operations in game. if you have any bright ideas let me hear 'em. it struck me after starting this thread, that like chess---many games have an opening move performed by each side, and that there is a response that is meant to counter this. if this analog gives you ideas to contribute then so be it.
  9. this reminds me of the time when psychics determined i would be implicated in a murder
  10. i have a linksys router and it runs just fine. maybe there's too much traffic on your router and your 360 is lagging out of the server. maybe if you solely ran your 360 through your router while playing MP you'd get better latency.
  11. i'll form a graw 2 clan with ya if you want. just let me know on XBL, my tag is AesNihil
  12. i've been at this game for quite a while and always found it difficult to organize with others online; if anyone is interested in playing together or organizing games maybe this can help to bring people together. look me up on XBL: AesNihil.
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