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  1. hi, after a while I am about to reinstall the game did 104 patch fix in any way RECON command option? are friendly AI mates now capable to fight silently, silently attacking or returning fire (when in danger), conversely to the passive attitude they had at the time of the first release? thanks
  2. thank you, but what I ask is just what GR team is going to fix about the gameplay (AI, just for example ), technical problems aside
  3. is there anywhere posted the list of fixes that GRAW developers are working on?
  4. which Radeon cards? which drivers are you using?
  5. hello, I've reentered GR after a few years, and I don't remember is this was a normal issue with GR missions I'm playing Sixpence's Under The Blood Sun (Nvidia gfx card, settings at maximun, 1280x1024) and in mission #6 (Painful Desert), after the first reload the fog goes away and all the feeling of the mission is lost ............
  6. as far as I remember the only ATI drivers safe for playing GR were 3.7, but I haven't tested the lastest ones (I preferred sticking with a surely working Nvidia)
  7. hello, in this mission I've completed the objectives, but - even bringing all teams on egress point, the mission does not end is there any trick to solve the problem? is there anywhere a save?
  8. hello, I'm returning to GR after years I have a GeForce FX5700 is there anybody knowing which drivers are suitable for GR? thanks
  9. I'm running a fresh GR + DS + IT + patch 1.4, no additional mods into HX-5 campaign (fisrt mission), after a (regular) save most of times I cannot retrieve the mission, as GR goes to desktop; I've restarted a lot of times, no joy into PAYBACK m i s s i o n s (no additional mods loaded), when into the gear UI screen, I see only the face of the soldier, only demolition role is allowed, the weaponry is not visible; if I auto-select the team, the the game sgoes to desktop any ideas or previous experience? thanks
  10. Snakebyte, thank you for the suggestions I've tried Dx9.0b, same results ( my partitions were set with Partition Magic: which is the difference from setting partitions upon first formatting? ) .... ... .. . at last I've come to an end: I've retrieved from ATI catalyst 3.7 and GR now is working fine again it was so easy.....this is the trap where the hardware tweakers maniacs often fall, because of too high traffic from and to mainboards, isn.t it? simultaneously I was trying to have an old voodoo2 3dfx working with radeon, and 3d E-D glasses; too much stuff together to understand the real cause of a problem
  11. definitely a 9800pro issue. switched to 9000pro, no problem there
  12. no, snakebyte, no overclock utility maybe I should try to step back with previous drivers yet it's strange that Falcon 4 Raven Shield Vietcong Black Hawk Down Flight Simulator 2k2 & 2k4 No One Lives Forever 1&2 Homeworld 1&2 FA-18 Enemy Engaged - Comanche Hokum System Shock 2 Thief 1&2 Arx Fatalis Silent Hill Unreal Tournament & Thievery Angel Of Darkness Tomb Raider 4 Colin Mc Rae rally 3 Soldier OF Fortune 2 Jedi Academy Tron Silent Hunter II all perform well with 3.9 and Radeon 9800 (even old titles), while GR's fresh reinstall won't go
  13. I've reinstalled GR ->DS -> IT -> patch 1.4 the game works only in 640x480, 16 & 32 bit, if I change resolution the troubles start I've tried deactivatind (with Radlinker) all Radeon graphic enhancing parameters, same thing
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