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  1. Yes but they don't have Future Soldier. Frankly the pc games section in stores is not good anymore.
  2. I've given up on them fixing Ghost Recon but I'm too big of a fan of the Original not to own a copy of this for the PC. I figure the price has to be pretty low now so I should be able to order online and get a copy with disks but I cannot seem to find any. I do not want to download it. Anyone know where I can find a new copy on disk?
  3. Thank you for having this server up it's a lot of fun to play the best game ever again. However, why are nades not enabled. Kinda like having half of your favorite toy back.
  4. Yeah reading both ubi and gr.net forums I am really glad I did not buy this game. I will pick it up on the bargain bin or wait until it is free on Steam. So sad for my beloved GR that I have played mp since 2001.
  5. Anyone still playing this. The All Seeing Eye won't even install so I need IP's to servers. Blaze
  6. 1. Tactical Gameplay 2. Ladder Matching - This means it needs good Dedicated Server Tools. Like GR1 3. Ladder Matching - It also means a good AC. Though PB is nice for most of us that played GR1 in the beginning replays were a must.
  7. If you have the newest Nvidia Driver installed it seems to automatically enable the Nvidia physics for the 8800's. If you do you can go into your control panel and disable Nvidia physics. The 320mb 8800 will run GRAW2 but the guys I matched with on it all upgraded to something better to keep up.
  8. I dont have any numbers but a few months back I tried to save a few bucks and dropped mine down to 256k from 512k and it had bursts of lag. My download was like at 3 or 5 mb so it should have been fine. I couldn't take it so I had to go back to 512k up and 7mb down and it runs great again. This was while playing GRAW2 of course.
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