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  1. Very impressive works buddy , i enjoy every minutes playing it . You can be proud it rock ! cheers !
  2. You can view them on youtube , just click on the youtube logo of the clip you want to watch by using the "youtube" sidebar logo of the vid it will open the selected videos in a new window and then you can browse the chanel attached to it and view all the others . If you want to download some of them on you're computer use a download manager like Jdownloader . If you are loocking for some tutorial , in google you can type for exemple : ghostrecon multiplayers gameplay youtube , it will give you a search result of all the gameplay videos . Sorry for my bad english it's not my native language . Have a nice day tom ! PS : You can download Jdownloader here : http://www.filehippo.com/fr/download_jdownloader/
  3. Hi tom , try these youtube tuto : Weapons selection and customization : Sp complete Gameplay Walkthrough : Combat tips : I hope it will help you , have fun !
  4. Thanks for you're hard work ! So far so good ! downloading now . Have a nice day GR community !
  5. +1 give ' em back real Tactical fps , i'm also sick of these console things .......
  6. To disable it go to option and click on voices quote , now the voices quote are disable . Have fun !
  7. That's a sad news for the community .... R.I.P Mr Clancy .
  8. Well you can still dream that RSE and ubisoft gonna make a new real ghost recon but the fact is that will never happen again ! Ubisoft just don't care about what the fans want . The new gameplay video of Future soldiers talk by itself and that's just don't loock at what GR should be !! This franchise is just dead like rainbow six ! R.I.P ghost recon.
  9. Good map man , i really like the way you dev coop missions for graw2 at least that change of all the boring ones who just have 500 ai on them and nothin more . Keep them coming ! cheers!
  10. Lol yeah french accent ( i'm french too) btw you know Ubisoft is not an english studio , well the new ghost recon sound very interesting at my opinion , the only thing that hurt me actually is the new drm system ; let's wait and see . peace (read it with french accent) cheers. ps : here the french interview http://www.gamekyo.com/videofr16620_ghost-recon-future-soldier-interview.html
  11. Ok thx i hope you can fix it , i know graw2 is not very stable and friendly with custom stuff like maps and mods so try to do you 're best !
  12. Same prob for me , and btw i don ' t use any mod i have just launch the campaign on the vanilla patched to 1.05 . Any clue?
  13. Looking great so far , well that ' s seems you do a great job again !! can ' t wait for the final release (my maps for graw 1 ) : http://www.onlinegamersnetwork.com/download.php?view.229 http://www.onlinegamersnetwork.com/download.php?view.222 http://www.onlinegamersnetwork.com/download.php?view.228 enjoy ! peace !
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